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Eotl - Revenge Of The End Of The Line

I posted pretty much this in the introduction area but I probably should have just posted it here. I've been playing on and off since the internet began. The mud was started at Stanford something like 20 years ago and contains a collage of some brilliant minds.

The theme is pretty much anything awesome and is extremely pollished and well crafted. It's pretty serious action and you're afraid to die so it gets your heart beating. The system is simple but deep, spending experience to gain skills and stats with tons of guilds and races for experimenting in different builds.

The mud has dropped into some obscurity from hundreds of players, but those of us still mudding agree it's the most interesting one and with the absolute best play mechanics. There's also an open application process to become a wizard and code there, which is how it's collected such good content over the years.

I suppose that i like text based games for the same reason people might like a book better than the movie. Anyway, i'd like to see this mud become less obscure again, so check it out sometime, and cheers. Oh, one more thing, there's no sensoring at all and anything goes, so it's rated R, such as life. That's not to say people are jerks, it's all for the good and groovy.

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Re: Eotl - Revenge Of The End Of The Line

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