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Lazerous is on a distinguished road
Realm History:

Lazerous is a demonic entity that found a cavern complex
which had a hidden portal system in its heart. He was
fleeing the wrath of some gods of another realm for their
jealousy of his dark dwarves and their strength. He
gathered what was left unto him and lept into the flaming
portal before him. The first through was by chance alone
Lazerous himself. He instantly was elevated from a simple
demon into godhood. Not just simple godhood, but supreme
entity of a realm untouched by any others hands. The dark
dwarves fell around a dark mountain deep in the heart of
a dark forest. To this day they dwell there still. Lazerous
has been changed more then he first realised. At first he
spent 100 years wandering this realm. After finally knowing
all its vastness, he began its alteration. At first this was
a small thing here and another there. Now things are appearing
over nite that were not there the day prior. Now is a time
of hero's in this realm. Fantastic creatures roam this realm
and dread creatures of fearsome power threaten all.
Stand and be counted.

"Life has no meaning without the darkness,"

The Realm of Draenor is seeking players.

100 mortal levels.

We have 5 clans that are activly seeking
new recruits as well. Come on you players,
I know you want a great pk world, well here
it is. We going to remove all peacefull
code in the realm, very soon.

In just two months we have shown we are dedicated
to a continued and happy player base.

One prime feature, the 18 dragon area. A scarey
and terrible place, even immortals fear.

To Connect to Draenor:
Telnet to:
Port: 4000
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