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Greetmir is on a distinguished road
I am available ...

I am Greetmir ... I don't want to sound too pompous but I have THOUSANDS of hours on RoD, the mother of SMAUG ...

I recently got my my building and administrative juices fired up again by being a high level immortal on a SMAUG MUD that was looking for help.

Well ... It did not work out ... or otherwise you would not be reading this but my juices are still flowing.

I am a Canadian living in Belgium for like 9 years now and I am 57 years of age looking to dump my experience on a MUD before I die ... ok ... I am healthy so you would prolly get a few years from me ...

If you want to evaluate my skills, I can email you a few areas that I have built on what was my OWN MUD before a coder that we hired so screwed up our codebase that it failed ... but it would give you a good idea of how I build ...

See for information and the layout of our ex mud ...

I was an incurable Newbie Council Member and advocate of multiplayer helping of each other and a strong advocate of areas that could not be soloed for their level range, to encourage players grouping.

I would like to help a MUD that wanted a description on EVERY exit of a room, EVERY piece of equipment, and EVERY mob from all of their building staff and would not want to work with a MUD that expected less ...

I also would like to help a MUD that is serious about gaining EXPERIENCED as well as NOVICE players and would strive to have encouraging eq and levelling mobs and story lines and intrique in their areas for both types of players ...

I am rather outspoken as to what I think is accepaible or not ... I would not want to work with a MUD that throws a newbie into the deep end and says "SURVIVE or DIE!"

Since I am Canadian, I use British spelling rather than American spelling such as colour instead of color, neighbour instead of neighbour and armour instead of armor ... just to give you a taste. Other than that, I have excellent command of the English language ...

If you are interested in having me come to your SMAUG MUD (only SMAUG or DERIVATIVES please) send me an email via and take advantage of my semi retired state and passion for SMAUG MUDs ...
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