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Does anyone play Thorns of War? Is it Down?

I played this game briefly when someone mentioned it on the boards a year or so ago. It seems like fun, but I didn't have the time for it. Plus, if I were to play, I would need to put down some cash to do so. While you don't have to, but I like owning stuff and building, which was reserved for subscribers.

I remembered this game and tried to return. I played for about 5 minutes and it was like a ghost town. Came back the next day and finally found another player. Shortly after figuring out how to chat on the world chat, I got disconnected. Now, I can't connect anymore.

Supposedly there's a facebook page. But a search in facebook gives me a link back to their website. There are no forums either.

Anyone know anything about this game? When I last logged on, the last announcement was from Aug 2011. I really hope someone is still actively working on it, since it seems like a cool game.


Just in case: Is Down -> Check if your website is up or down? - I just remembered this site. I guess it is down for everyone, lol!
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Re: Does anyone play Thorns of War? Is it Down?

Yeah its still running but there are not many people playing it these days as u said it takes a little time I am Shadz and am on fairly regularly
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Re: Does anyone play Thorns of War? Is it Down?

It's not surprising you like the game since you like Armageddon and Harshlands. The maker of ToW was a hardcore Armageddon player years ago and also was an admin and sometimes coder for Harshlands.

The game has been in a sort of open beta state for a few years. It's constantly being worked on, but it's not so much in "beta" anymore. The art has also been updated since you last tried it.

Thorns of War
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