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If youíre a hardcore roleplayer and/or a hardcore WoT fan, then this
is the place for you. The Sea of Storms is, in my not so humble
opinion, one of the best MUDís out there. Now, many of you hardcore
hardcore roleplayers may look at MUDís as being hack and slashers.
I can assure you, that this place is not. While it does in fact have
code based combat, the for roleplay and code are melded very nearly
seamlessly. Unlike most places that try to segregate code from RP,
with countless rules, this MUD does not. And it works quite well,
because all skills/combat maneuvers/code powers, are gained through
Roleplay. To gain power ICly, you have to be able to Roleplay well.

For the Wheel of Time fans, this MUD is great. Unlike the majority of
WoT MUDís out there, this place allows you to choose your own destiny.
The Sea of Storms is set in a Mirror World where the Aiel War never
happened. Laman never cut down the seedling of the Tree of Life. Aside
from a few particular exceptions, there are no book characters on the MUD,
and the few book characters that are involved on the MUD are involved
at the peripheries.

How to describe the code? Beautiful, versatile, perhaps even exquisite.
Earlier, I mentioned that everything code based is learned ICly. And this
is true. Skills with the bow, how to ride, etc, are all learned from other
players. There are no MOB teachers, there are no levels. There is a RPXP
system in place for gaining experience to help in raising stats/skills. TSoS
also has a system for submitting RP logs, by which you can get Character
Points (CP) for your character. These CP can be used to buy skills outside
of roleplay. For example, say you canít find a teacher for a particular skill
and you need to get it. So long as you meet the skillís prerequisites, you
can use CP to buy that skill.

The character creation system is rich, and beautifully done, using character
traits and a basic point buy system by which one can by talents such as forging,
weaponsmaster, assassin, and a variety of other things which helps create a
world that is rich in characters. There are no classes. Each character can be as
different from each other as players create them to be. There are quite a few
guilds and organizations available for people to choose from, including several
entirely player created ones.

Some basic points
- Player run organizations (White Tower, Whitecloaks, Cairhien, etc).
- Player run economies, including forging armor, weapons, shields,
tailoring clothing, making instruments, etc.
- An active Imm-Staff
- Both IC and OOC Events for the fun of the players
- Numerous areas
- Rich roleplay
- You, the player, can shape the course of the MUD.

I look forward to seeing you there.
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