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WoTMUD is old, but still awesome!

Hello fellow mudders,

Our port changed, so many that may have played before should know we're still alive, but the game is still wonderfully chaotic,!

Some of you may remember an old game called WoTMUD ( and I'd like to invite members of our wonderful text adventuring community to give us a go!

We've been around since 1993, so while we are by no means the oldest game around we do take pride in being online for over two decades amidst the constantly changing online gaming world.

Our game is based around the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan, and actually runs with the written permission of the late RJ. That's another thing we take great pride in. While we are, for the sake of playability, taking place in an alternate timeline roughly around book 2/3 of the series, we have developed our own take on Randland and the nations and wars it contains.

Players can choose between Light (human), Dark (Trollocs, fades, dreadlords), and Seanchan Empire (mobile army equivalent, roughly). We have 4 playable classes at creation, with the ability to work for a more advanced class like Fade/Dreadlord/Wolfbrother once you get the hang of things.

We have the hunters, warriors, rogues and channelers (mages) and for the sake of game balance I should warn you that channelers (male and female) can be harder to create. Male channelers, as per the books, will be hunted as being dangerous and females can join any number of clans to get more weaves than their base skills as a Wilder allow.

It should be mentioned that our character creation is called "statting" and we all hate it. A lot. But good news! There is now a bypass to it for beginners. You can now choose a base set of stats at level 3 (it was lowered from 5 in the old days) for warriors, rogues and hunters. They wont be anything amazing but they DO give you options so you can just get into the game and enjoy yourself.

It is a highly competitive PVP environment, but also has tons of quests and options for roleplay and PVE questing if that's more your thing. The system is based around more your skill as a player than the equipment; the gear can give you an edge but even the best setups can be taken down by a clever pker.

For those who remember trying the game, I welcome you to come back! After a bad server crash, our port and site moved a bit so we do apologize for any inconveniences the port change etc may have caused. We are still here, and going! Our peak hours line up with East Coast US, and server reboot is midnight (5 mins all but Friday, when we have a long boot of 30 mins)

To any old players, once your character hits 200, 300, 400 and so on, you are eligible for stat rerolls based on your current sum. This is a great way to renew old characters into the more competitive environment of the Modern WoTMUD.

If you'd like you know more about starting, or some connection options, please see these: (Connection tips) (First characters)

The connection details are:
Port 2224

I hope to see new, and maybe old, faces!
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Re: WoTMUD is old, but still awesome!

Originally Posted by knuppel View Post
I'm sorry, but i don't get a connection:
Are you trying to use the telnet link from our main page? We've been having issues with that.

What time were you trying to connect? Our boot time is midnight US EAST, but only lasts about 6 minutes (35 on Fridays).

Are you able to connect using any other clients? I heard people having trouble with telnet from our main page, which we're looking into pinning down. Please try some of the stuff listed here: Which is a thread where players discuss connection issues they had with certain things like telnet. And which is a list of other connection options.

Please let me know if either helps, so we can pin down what might be going on.
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