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EmpireMUD - Build cities, raise armies, learn technologies and destroy your enemies!


connect via 4000

EmpireMUD is a persistant sandbox world where players can build cities, mine for ores, plant farms and basically raise a sustainable settlement filled with citizens, soldiers, grand monuments and what not. It uses an ASCII map similar to Dwarf Fortress, and if I recall correctly, it's procedurally generated, with more than a million rooms. It's pretty much a wilderness map - you can move in every compass direction, unless blocked by mountains/rivers/buildings, at which you'll have to use less conventional methods to get past, suh as building ships or even flying.


- Large, persistant player modifiable world. In a forest location? CHOP some trees and transform it into a Plains location! Then build a structure (Lumberyard? Cabin? Megaliths?) on it! Oh, and you get to keep the trees, to saw into lumber or scrape into logs and sticks.

- 7 skills that improve through use (Battle, Empire, Survival, Stealth, Trade, High Sorcery, Natural Magic, Vampire). Specialize in 2 skills to determine your class (specializing in High Sorcery+Natural Magic = Archmage, or Stealth+Trade = Smuggler).

- Various wildlife mobs, ranging from chickens, quails, dogs and wolves to bears, eagles and oxen. Kill them, skin them, butcher them. Or you can even tame horses, equip them with special mount armour and ride them! Not to mention the ability to summon familiars in Natural Magic, which allows you to have tortoises, ligers, sphinxes and lots more. You can even morph into various lifeforms!

- Empires! You can create an Empire or join a new one. Claim land, raise armies, construct houses, plant farms and master new technologies. Determine the ranks of your empire, description of your empire, banner, name and much much more.

- Diplomacy! Forge diplomatic relations with foreign empires (peace, war, non aggression pact, truce) or declare war and set out to destroy their cities!

- Craft various items depending on your skills. Staffs, stools, thrones, flutes, bowls and whatnot. As you gain better abilities in Trade, you can even build grand ships, siege equipment and various weapons and armours. Use the trading post building to sell items to one another and trade resources.

- Levels are based on your skills and equipment, not the other way round.

- Active development, the owner Paul is very hardworking and proactive in developing EmpireMUD.

- 220+ abilities with more to come.

Note: Military feature is still being discussed and is on the to do list, but for now the ability to deploy soldiers to enemy cities is unimplemented.

I'll attach some screenshots from my gameplay (taken from phone so). I'm the Chief Sorcerer of the Sorcerers Guild (my empire) and it would be great if you guys joined me! Haha. (File size too big, so Imgur it is.)

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