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I can't actually tell if I'm a petty, petty human being or if the two major things that irritate the crap of me on most muds are actually valid irritations.

Do the following annoy you?

A rooms long description that goes for quite a long time in a st
ring, but does not format itself so that a word that finished on t
he 77th char wraps itself onto the next line.

And on a similar vein:
Pris says: A long string containing many witty and amusing an
ecdotes that looks like this instead of,

Pris says: This is a bloody long and probably boring            
              conversation that formats nicely. This actually
              seems like a readable piece of text.

I guess I probably just am a petty human being I just find that no matter how many other advanced 'features' a mud claims to have, if it doesn't format things neatly I just can't cope with it.

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enigma@zebedee is on a distinguished road
Well both of those would fail our QA process (assuming it was spotted of course) so obviously the people doing our area quality guidelines agreed with you.

All monster speach should work like player speach (i.e. word wrapped and indented) all room descriptions should be properly formatted. etc.
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