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So I bought the Legend DVD this weekend.  Why is this related to mudding you may ask?  Well, I know that I, personally was influenced by the look of this movie in its original US theatrical release.

The DVD includes and mostly features Ridley Scott's true vision and I MUST scream from the mountaintops to anyone who will listen, IF YOU LIKE FANTASY, BUY THIS DVD!!!!

There is ALL KINDS of extra stuff on it, the director's cut totally changes the movie.  Though the original US release was lovely, it had this feeling of disjointedness that just isn't there in the D/C.
The colors are more vivid, there is 24 minutes more of movie which is mostly character development, the score of Gerry Goldsmith is INCREDIBLE (much as I can dig Tangerine Dream, being a child in the 80's, I have to bow to the superior wisdom of the classical score), and again, there are a TON of other extras available on the DVD.

So, uh.. that's my rant.  Hope it was cool in this forum!
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