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What setting do you really want to see?

We all know about the slew of Star Wars muds, and DragonBall knock-offs. What setting do you really think could be done well? In any environment, such as RP for George Martins Song of Ice and Fire, PK for the anime Berserk. Etc.

For me personally:
RP based on historical fiction based during the War of the Roses.

Pure PK mud based off Cowboy Bebop. Chocked full of bounty hunter goodness and awesome space travel to hunt down people.

RP based on The Deathgate Cycle. I always loved the runic magic system they used and how they had to hide it with bandages around their hands and forearms.

There's a few more but I'll keep them to myself for now.
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Re: What setting do you really want to see?

For me, as already mentioned it would have to be the worlds created by David Gemmell, who died only recently.

The Drenai

Drenai Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Drenai stories are purely heroic swords man, deadly trackers, assassins, dark sorcerors who use both blood sacrifice and drugs to induce their powers, or the source priests.. pacifists with incredible powers.. to the ultimate warriors.. the Thirty.

Races are all human, the Drenai, Vagrians, the nomadic Nadir, the reclusive Sathulai

For those not familiar with the Drenai... read the first few books, Legend, King beyond the gate, and Waylander

Also his Riganti Series... a world of the Sidhe, and the riganti.. warriors who live at one with Druids and fariy tales... their way of life threatened by the citizens of Stone... who build vast ciites of... Stone :-).. and conquer purely to consume and grow.. like a cancer on the earth.

Or for those who prefer the future... the ancient world, earth, after yet another ice age... a world where Arthurian legends, and a deadly nuclear future collide.. where the gods are nothing more than mere mortals who use the power of Striptrassi to wield terrible and benevolent powers...

and yeah.. should anyone want to design it, I certainly have a full working knoweldge to do the building :-D

I wont go on.. needless to say, his imagination was astonishing, and his characters (especially Waylander the Slayer, and Jon Shannow) keep you ceptivated.
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