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Tarmon Gai'don: A Wheel Of Time MUD

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Pete Covington, and I've been a fan of the Wheel of Time books for quite a few years now. However, up until I discovered Tarmon Gai'don, I'd never even heard of the books. Tarmon Gai'don is a Wheel of Time roleplaying mud (Not enforced, but strongly encouraged) that has been around for a long time. I've seen so many different staff members and players throughout the years, but Tarmon Gai'don has remained. Right now, we're in the process of rebuilding our playerbase. We're putting forward effort like never before to wrench people away from the graphical shiny games, and back into the world of..imagination! Now, on to the details!

Tarmon Gai'don offers 50 levels to play, with a combination of nationalities and classes based on those in the books. Along with all the varied classes, TG offers tons of guilds for the players. Each guild has different level requirements, and they require a written character history to join. Once inside a guild, there are multiple ranks you can move up, gaining new pieces of gear unique to the guild you've joined. Are you a male channeler? Join the Asha'man, and become part of The Black Tower! Perhaps you lean more towards the..evil...side? Then put your talents to use for The Shadow. Perhaps you're more of an entertainer? Storytellers and musicians will find a home in the Gleeman guild, traveling the world and entertaining people of all sorts! It doesn't end there, Tarmon Gai'don offers over 30 different guilds, all with their unique roleplaying style.

Now, I can sit here and tell you the rest, about the Roleplaying Events that staff holds, or about the In-Character training to become a Blademaster, but why not let you see for yourself? You can find Tarmon Gai'don at, and connect to it at at Host:, Port: 5000. My different characters there are Malc, Trell, and Hestim, so feel free to look me up if you've got any questions, or need any help! Want to know more before trying it out? Feel free to Email me at, or get in touch with me on AIM (Silo HW). I hope to see new faces there soon!
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