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'Project A', a completely new type of MUD, is now open for testing.

The game is a fast-paced action MUD, where you build your base (Red Alert style stuff) using materials you find/mine, and set out to destroy everyone else's. You get guns, bazookas, C4 charges, tanks, Jeeps, bombs with deadman switches, granades... Everything you can ever dream of!

The game has just openned for Beta, so a lot of changes will occur, and ideas are welcome.


* Advanced weaponry - From guns and Bazookas to C4 and giant war cannons.

* Completely original combat system - Not round-based, you fire your weapon in the direction of your victim, you may hit him, or someone else in that location, depending on your weapon of choice.

* Vehicles - Tanks, Jeeps, which customize according to how much resources you invest in them.

* Create your own base! Currently there are 24 -differnet- buildings to build, with tech trees (So you can't build -all- the buildings with one char, but are limited to one, out of the current three, tech trees). Including Radars, War cannons, guard turrets, chemical factories, warps... Then upgrade them using blueprints stolen from enemy structures!

* 90,000 rooms! No, you aren't blind - 90,000 rooms in a giant 300X300 room map.

* No staff required! No staff (Except for Myself) = No cheating, no overpowered characters, but still have someone to answer your questions.

* High scores table - When you die, you aren't gone from the world... Considering you were good enough :P

* Four, currently, different classes - each giving the player a different bonus.

The game is a little complex, since it is very different from any MUD, that at least, I have ever seen. Your best friend can quickly become your worst enemy.

Interested? Log on to 3003 and create a char.
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