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Alter Aeon January 2019 Update

Happy New Year from the staff of Alter Aeon!

Last month we had some of the highest daily userloads since 2016, peaking at 110 players on December 23rd. Hopefully with the great events and new features we have planned for 2019, we will continue to see those numbers rise.

Speaking of great events, our Winter Solstice event is ongoing and will be wrapping up on January 6th. If you haven't already experienced the event, there is still time to finish everything! The main event quest begins with the fairy queen in event area 127, and it directs you toward eight unique areas, each with an item to be recovered. Don't forget to try out the reindeer-themed pk battles!

Our next event will be one celebrating Alter Aeon's 24th anniversary! This year there will be an all new three part event where players will seek to turn Dentin's attention away from the starry depths back to Alter Aeon. The Museum of Player Nostalgia will be re-opened for the duration. The event will begin on Friday, January 18th and end on Monday the 21st.

In December we saw several improvements to the crafting code, such as:
  • several new leathercraft items, including rings for dragonscale armor.
  • a 'craft unname' command that allows players to remove their name from crafted items
  • a 'craft label' command was also added that allows players to add certain keywords to items
Other additions include:
  • a 'recast reset' command to easily clear your recast list
  • refashioning the 'reinforce armor' skill as a proper forging skill with significantly cheaper cost
  • having appraise strings now show up on identify, store listings and auction.
Next month we plan to add the following features:
  • a 'rune' command for looking up rune-words
  • the ability to gain profession points from brewing skills
  • MSP sounds for auctions
  • the ability to empty carried containers into other containers you are carrying
  • the ability to empty carried containers onto tables on the ground
  • a new level 41 zone for Suboria called the Ishi Province area
Also, new level 38 skills will be coming out soon. For more information, please check out our latest presentation on Youtube here:

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