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Alter Aeon December 2019 Update

Our fall festival event may have just concluded a few days ago, but our next event is right around the corner! This year's Winter Solstice event will begin on Saturday, December 21st and will end sometime on Thursday, January 2nd. Expect New Year pk arena mob sets, the EPDS cannons, teleporting mobs and several event areas! Keep an eye on upcoming details using the 'event show' command.

Here is a list of notable additions to the game for the month of November:
  • 'Shellcraft' split off from 'leathercraft' as a fully realized skill. Armor crafted from shells will have higher AC than from leather, and different saving throws than dragonscale armor. If you know shellcraft, you can also craft weapon grips from objects such as ivory, horn and antlers.
  • Two new brew-only spells were added: 'harden leather' and 'seal leather'. 'Harden leather' adds hitpoints to leather objects, while 'seal leather' adds saving poison. A leather object can only receive one such treatment.
  • The "metallurgy check" command now shows difficulty for metals, the purity and type of metal yielded from ores and if an item can be used as carbon source for steel-making. When specifically targeting an ore, it will show an estimated yield.
  • 'Craft label' can now be used on consumable items such as ammo, grenades, spell components, herbs or scrolls, with no profession point cost.
  • Recently added were supply crates of random forgeable metals and spellcomps will be coming to daily gifts and credit purchases. There will be no exclusive items in these, they will be drawn from existing objects similar to the way shopkeepers fill out their inventories.
  • Jobs have received many updates to improve them, and more are on the way.
Starting in December, automated fishing derbies will be held on Fridays, except during events. We are assembling preliminary framework for fishing with boats. It may not be finished until next year. We will add more random boarder encounters for ships, including some non-hostile ones.

For more information, please listen to our December update on Youtube:
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