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Alter Aeon May 2020 Update

Our Mayday mini-event is in full swing! It is open to players of all levels, new and old alike! Can you successfully pilot a mining robot against an unrelenting army of plant aliens? Come and join us for a new and exciting take on Alter Aeon gameplay! Don't wait too long to try out this event, because it will end on Friday, May 15th.

Last month we released three new areas:
  • The Giant's Dream, a level 38 solo area.
  • Corona Island, a level 43 group 7 area.
  • The Dragon's Path, a level 40 area.
Here are some highlights from the April code updates:
  • Tweaks and fixes to the compare command last month, including comparisons for spell components and grenades. Compare should no longer be on by default on auction, but we added a 'bid compare' option if you want to see it. We also added 'set shortid', to toggle between longform identification and single-line shortform id.
  • A new level 17 thief skill was added called 'distract'. While hidden, a thief can divert the attention of a target, making them easier to steal from.
  • If you know mining, the survey command will can now give some information about local geology and local mineral veins.
  • Mountain brass now has zapsave as its stat instead of strength.
  • Sterling silver can now be made into weapons and (not very good) armor. It is average in speed, between silvered steel and doubled silver.
  • The various steels are now slightly slower in speed to emphasize their distinctness from base metals and mithril alloys.
  • Adding a rim to a woodcrafted shield will now always increase the AC by least 1.
  • There is a new wickercraft item: the besom, a one-off wand of remove curse.
  • We made sneak improve with use in a sane way. It will be fairly infrequent, and works best when avoiding hostile mobs near or higher than your level.
In May, our builders will be hard at work constructing their next areas. One example would be The Cerulean Shore, a level 14 zone, and another would be the Sea of Despair, a level 43 group 15 zone.

Also in May, we will once again return to working on guild jobs. Much of the infrastructure to support guild-based jobs is already in place, and an Assassins Guild does now exist. We'll be setting up guildmasters soon.

We'll soon begin working toward getting this year's Summer Solstice Celebration ready to go. The dates for this event will be announced in the June update.

For more information, please refer to our May Youtube update here:
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