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Genesis Announcement : Major Equipment Change Made

After many comments - the Admin of Genesis have made the following change and announcement. I'm copying here from Genesis internal board/forums from our Keeper Gorboth:

Esteemed fellow Genesis Enthusiasts,

A fairly major change has been implemented in the realms. We have
introduced a new system for items whereby when you quit, or when Army
strikes, all items in your inventory and in guild racks save. This
replaces the former mechanic in which only certain items would "glow."
Now, all items glow, always, and will save over logins or reboots.

The change is being made to address a critical issue. Many visitors who
found Genesis and gave it a try decided to quit and not return when
they discovered that gear does not save. It was a deal-breaker issue,
and one that has caused us to lose players that otherwise may have
stuck around long enough to discover that they loved the game and wanted
to remain part of the community.

We took a look at various ways to change the way items save in the game,
considering things like lockers, non-magical saving, worn/wielded saving,
etc. However, in the end we elected to go with what seemed the simplest
method, both easy to understand for a new player, and easy to implement.

This is going to change gameplay. The way gear is handled in the game will
need to be reconsidered by players on an individual and guild level. It
will be interesting to see what develops, and we are fairly certain that
issues will arise that necessitate further tweaks to get the system where
we want it for good gameplay. In that regard, we ask for patience and
help from the players who experience problems. Please mail me about the
issues you are experiencing so we can correct problems we feel must be

For now, we are in a trial period. We hope this will make the game more
friendly for visitors, and that it will be a good change overall.

Many thanks to all who participated in forum discussions, and to Cotillion
who provided his usual code expertise.

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Re: Genesis Announcement : Major Equipment Change Made

This is indeed a major change. Many lpmuds don't save equipment when you quit, I believe. This isn't an issue for me but I understand some may find it annoying. Genesis is already a great mud and its website browser is the best looking browser, I think. GL with the changes.
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