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Name: Jean
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Question looking for suggestions

hi! I'm looking for a mud that is non-player pk, little violence with a heavy focus on crafting, farming, cooking, and other non-violent activities. I'm not sure if such a mud exists, but, I thought to give it a shot and ask for your suggestions. Any help would be most appreciated. I really do not enjoy violence, so, if there is such a mud, I'd love to come and play.
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Home MUD: EmpireMUD
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Re: looking for suggestions

Well I play Avalon: The Legend Lives a lot but it's not suitable for you since its so PK-intensive. So.

I'd suggest EmpireMUD?

- Large, persistent, player-modifiable ASCII world map. (100,000+ fully-alterable rooms/tiles)

- 100% original world and zones.(Coded from scratch)

- Lead your own empire (clan) to riches or ruin. (Players can create 'empires' with their own territory, structures, commodities, members, diplomacies, wealth, even different coins and much more)

- Full support for screen readers, even on the map. (Yep)

- Learn any skills and build your own class. (Your class is determined from which of the 8 skills you specialise in, for example Trade+Stealth = Smuggler, Empire+High Sorcery = Exarch, Natural Magic+High Sorcery = Archmage)

- Play as a vampire, mage, warrior, or combine them.

- Levels are based on your skills and equipment, not the other way around. (No such thing as grinding for hours to increase your level)

- Instanced adventure zones for quests big and small. (Rats, druids, dragons and more)

- 220+ abilities to choose from. (Increase your skill levels by using the abilities in the skill)

- Build cities and craft weapons and armor for your own empire, or sell them to others. (An extensive crafting system ranging from clothes, tools, armor, gold discs and more)

- Forge alliances with other players, or go to war. (An interesting politics system where empires can forge alliances, sign peace treaties/NAPs, declare war and more)

- Optional PK

- Around 2-5 average online, very new MUD (beta'ed in 2013) and an active developer.
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Name: Jean
Location: Alabama
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Re: looking for suggestions

Hi! Thanks. I'll definitely give that one a look. Thanks for your suggestion.
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Re: looking for suggestions

Hello there,

I would think that Materia Magica might be fun for you. I don't remember it having much pk and it's sort of a singular person game where you can craft.

The game I admin is a Ateraan and has a merchant (and trader) guild that is all about economics and they do most of the building crafting. There is also roleplay rewards and farming and sailing (whaling) that could be fun for you. The trouble is, pk is allowed if roleplay warrants it. That means you can roleplay not to have violence, but this game has wars and invasions, and massive adventures (lots of players) so violence is almost unavoidable and wouldn't work for you if you didn't want it at all.

The other game you might like is 4 Dimensions that I recall has a lot of quests and mind games.

Good Luck!
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Re: looking for suggestions

The Eternal City has a well and continually developed crafting system. The game is roman-themed but in a fictional world. While combat is a large part for many people, crafters don't ever need to engage in PVP, can usually avoid it (unless traveling known dangerous routes), and unless you're a hunter don't even need to PVE.

The skill sets that might interest you most:

Outdoor Survival

Leatherworking and Herbalism have been hinted at, but have been in the works for a long time. Here's a link to some more recent major updates for these sets that may give you an idea of what to expect:

Major Updates - Skotos Forums

Non Com Skills:
Non Combat Skills - The Eternal-City Wiki
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