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Post Achaea Updates!

Hello folks!

You've no doubt seen posts in the past from the IRE team and players about Achaea, but today Ictinus, Makarios, Ronwe and myself wanted to stop by with the first of what we hope are more frequent missives about Achaea!

Today we wanted to start with a bit about who we all are, what we have planned for the near future of the game we run, and what's got us excited about Achaea at the moment.

So first up, who the hey are we?

Well, I'm Nicola and I'm part of the Co-Producer pair with Makarios. I'm definitely not a coder, but I work closely with our build team, our roleplay Gods, and our trainees. I make sure our various projects and plans stay on track while supporting the entire team so that everyone who works to make Achaea as awesome as it is has all the tools they need.

Makarios is my partner in Producing crime and is our lead coder. When he's not deep in the guts of Achaea he's often brainstorming new content, working on balancing and improving our classes, coming up with new class ideas, and helping us flesh out the ongoing stories that we're always creating.

Ronwe is another of our code team, and works hard at background system design, and is always working through our ongoing list of quality of life upgrade requests. He's a dab hand at supporting the roleplay team when we have last minute panicked demands for our various events and organisations too!

Completing our quartet of content creation is Ictinus!

He's our build lead (for those of you who play Achaea, Yggdrasil is his baby)! If he's not up to his elbows in the written word he can be found marshalling our Mortal Builder members, plotting the next big thing, and helping train our volunteers. If it's been released in the last 12 months and you can read it in Achaea, you can bet that Ictinus has had a very talented hand in its creation.

So that's who we are, but what's really important is what we're doing. Over the next few months Achaea can expect to see:

Regular QoL updates, including ongoing combat balancing and bug fixing days.

A whole host of new rankings added to the game to inspire more competition between the players.

An ongoing focus on economic expansion. (More uses for commodities, more ways to spend gold, more ways to get involved.)

We recently completed a major improvement to our quest experience gains and we'll be integrating hundreds more quests into the official quest system throughout the year with a view to making questing a viable strategy for gaining levels.

But while that's all great, it's not really exciting, so for the fun stuff:

We have a Great Hunt planned to run from during the 14th and 15th of April. Double experience is in effect throughout and there will be credits for point thresholds and tier winners.

Late in the month we have a Kings of the Hill combat tournament planned for any 5 man team who wants to join in, with thousands of credits in prizes to be won!

Supporting the theme of competition thanks to the new rankings, the Great Hunt, and the Kings of the Hill tournament we also have an Artisanal and Bardic contest open, this is where you can submit your artistic or written works and have a chance at winning credits and prestige!

Three new builds are planned for the coming months, including the much-missed (and much revamped and improved) Underworld, an overhaul of an existing ancient area in Achaea, and a new quest / hunting zone aimed at making the low-mid level experience more robust and enjoyable.

But we're not the only ones making things happen in Achaea, and one of the things we love to see is our playerbase getting their hands dirty and creating storylines.

Recently Jurixe S. Nithilar of Mhaldor and the Carmine Circle hosted a ritual duelling contest. All were invited to try their skills, but Idolatrix Stheno Aristata walked away victorious after beating Kei Greywards of Cyrene in the finale of the Sanguine Series.

Wars have been breaking out all over, with plenty of opportunities for combat and chest beating. The Order of Oblivion happily engaged the Village of Eleusis in a brief but incredibly bloody year, Ashtan's Dunn Lichlord stood out with two hundred and ninety seven kills in less than two weeks. Lord Twilight's favoured few clashed with the Order of War all across the land as each sought to gain sovereignty for their respective Gods.

The antagonist Lords Sartan, Twilight, and Babel have been confusing/entertaining/terrifying the world with their various machinations, and the Angels of Celestia have made a long overdue visit to Targossas to invoke an ancient pact.

What's in store for these plots I cannot say here, but I can promise that it's worth being a part of!

This year we're more passionate than ever about letting our storylines flourish and develop naturally, and providing all our players with the tools to bring their own narratives to life in weird and wonderful ways.

These events are some of our favourite things to facilitate and support, and we'd love to hear what sort of player created content you, the MUD community, have seen in your own favourite games that you've enjoyed being a part of.

So that's a wall of text and a half! I think we'll sign off here for now, but you can expect updates from us in the future. If you have any questions please do post them we'll keep checking back!

If you want to give Achaea a try, you can find us and our Nexus client on our website. We'd love to see you.

- Nicola, Co-Producer of Achaea
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Re: Achaea Updates!

The antagonist Lords Sartan, Twilight, and Babel have been confusing/entertaining/terrifying the world with their various machinations, and the Angels of Celestia have made a long overdue visit to Targossas to invoke an ancient pact.
Elemental is a nice touch for anyone who want to become an elemental (alternative to dragon?). I, for maybe just one, still want to be an angel or in some form of it.. I do recall imperian have it but is not exact thing im looking for in term of skills to use.

In any case, congratulation on a epic update for Achaea!
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