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-Necromium- online since 1996, balanced PK system

Necromium "Where death is a way of life" has always been the game I come back to, since 1996. I enjoy it because it is balanced, bugs are fixed quickly, the room descriptions seem to come from classic fantasy or horror novels, and there are actually people who play!

PK - plenty of NPK, SPK, and CPK areas in the world. If you enjoy pk, thats great because some of the most fruitful zones allow pk. If you don't, there are plenty of places to explore and kill things without interferrence.

100% Free, no donor gear or any advantages things like that. The way a game should be.

RP is welcomed, but not mandatory.

4 classes, 12 subclasses and a unique training system that allows you to fully customize your avatar.

Huge Original World. 100k + rooms, 5 continents, a fully functioning ship and ocean system. Several hundred zones. New zones and equipment runs are being added reguarly. For example, the latest is a 'gigantic blue sea serpent'. To run this encounter, your party must sail to a specific spot in the ocean, jump off your boat, enter a whirlpool, navigate the serpent's long body all the way to the head, then fight this flaming, biting serpent head underwater. It can be done solo, but best with 2 or 3 players.

Full overhead color ANSI Map. This is one of the main things that keeps me playing Necromium vs other muds.

The player base, regardless of faction, are more than willing to drop whatever they're doing and help a new player.

Our staff work very hard, here is what you would see if you were to use the "changes" command in game today:

[ The Ancient Pyramid can no longer have drones used in it ][Mon Oct 17]
[ The sea serpent has arrived. ][Mon Oct 17]
[ The students of the Dojang have been training hard ][Fri Oct 14]
[ New quest items can now be purchased for APs ][Fri Oct 14]
[ Orion got tired of being soloed, and went to the gym! ][Fri Oct 14]
[ The Forbidden Swamp is now a bit more forbidden... ][Fri Oct 14]
[ Virut Manor now hides some new enemies... who ][Fri Oct 14]
[ New throwable weapons have been introduced into the world ][Fri Oct 14]
[ SHIPWHERE now includes ship max speeds ][Mon Oct 3]

Check us out: | port 4000 |
You can also connect from facebook! Check out the app: Necromium on Facebook | Facebook

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