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A Picky Mudder

The title, as you will soon come to understand, is a description of me and the very demanding criteria I am asking you before giving me your MUD Recommendations. I really appreciate the recommendations, but at this point I am looking for something very specific, or as near to what I have specified. Yes, I am looking for a MUD, but not just any old Mud.

I have an idea of what I want, but no amount of Google searching and forum hunting has yet to reward me with my white whale. However, with your help I hope to find it.

I am looking for a Fantasy/medieval RPI MUD that has the following things:

an optional PK mode
Permanent Death

Let me Explain:

I want to be able to make a character that I can engage in RP with and invest weeks, months (maybe even years ( I am trying to think long-term) in, but at the same time, I want there to be real danger; it is frustrating to join a MUD where death to a mob or player is trivial (not to mention it breaks the immersion to know that this "real" person got killed by a monster, yet somehow survives this death and continues to RP within the MUD as if nothing had happened).

However, even with the threat of perm death, I like to have the option to fight, but not just with Mobs. I want to be able to lay it all on the line and have a spontaneous battle with another who is also willing to Lay it All On the Line, especially if we have an RP reason for it (i.e our species are at war o we belong to enemy camps, or I am the clean leader and killing me off will result in a successful coup within the clan..etc)

Your help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you

Edit: I brought up the Medieval and Fantasy genre, but only as an example. I am willing to try any RPI that matches what I have above.

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Re: A Picky Mudder

I don't know if you'll find that particular genre (medieval fantasy) with permadeath and "immersion" but you'll find both in Armageddon. It's a different genre - sort of a Dune meets the Dark Sun campaign of D&D, with unique twists and turns such as Oliver-esque alleys brimming with thieves and ruffians trying to stay alive in the harsh inner-city environs.

There's magick, but it's not the high-fantasy type of magick. Magick is feared, hated, and in some parts of the world, outlawed. There's serious risk to just -being- a mage, let alone using magicks. Players can't start off playing mages with brand new accounts either; these are roles granted by the "karma system" which allows the staff to grant players with more options for new characters once they've proven they "get" the learning curve and aren't playing just to H&S their way to max skills and loot.

Permanent death, and pretty serious roleplay. RP isn't optional, it's mandatory, but you won't have to worry about everyone talkingeth liketh they hath shifted verily into yon Shakespeare play.

Elves aren't shiny pretty lovely exotic toys that humans want to play with under the sheets; they're scrawny long-necked tall bony creatures who will rob you blind if they're given half the chance; thievery is part of their genetic makeup.

Dwarves aren't bearded; they're bald. Completely hairless. And they're focus-driven.

It's a pretty kick-butt game and can suck a lot of your time, especially when you're first learning how to "live" in the game world. The staff takes a *mostly* hands-off approach to plotlines but will often toss some goodies into the mix if they see players creating interesting and workable stories.

It is a MUD, not a MUSH, based on a mostly reworked version of DIKU. There's a whole lot of code that DIKU never had, so there are systems that a DIKU player might not be used to. But a DIKU player would recognize the basic syntax, combat, movement, etc. etc and probably have an easier time of learning the rest of the stuff.

PK is allowed, unrestricted with the caveat that it has to make sense within the confines of the game world and roleplay. So no, you won't see Veteran Warrior Amos running around killing people on the streets just because he can. He *might* kill an enemy. Or he might instead use some form of political sway to encourage his clan boss to shun his enemy, thus driving the enemy to their own destruction. There's lots of ways of engaging in conflict that don't involve direct PK, but PK is certainly an option.

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Re: A Picky Mudder

That sounds awesome! Thank you. I will definitely try it out.

@everyone else, and if anyone else has a suggestion please post it here.
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