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Still trying to find the perfect game.


As before I'm still searching for the perfect game, and need help with trying to find it.
Basically what I like is as follows:

1 Vampire/Werewolf
2 Romance
3 PK
4 Fast paced games, not slow ones
5 Free to play
6 Historical
7 Plenty of other players to RP with, not dead realms

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Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

No one answered yet? (are you still there by the way)
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dark acacia
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Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

So you want a historical game based on Twilight where cybering is allowed, but there has to be a lot of people and PK needs to be a thing?
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Ide will become famous soon enoughIde will become famous soon enough
Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

They're probably long gone, but Haven actually fills those reqs other than historical.
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Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

Come check out (Aetolia, the Midnight Age), we tick most of those boxes you have. Full disclosure: I run the game.

Vampires are a large part of our story. We also have werewolves and other types of were-creatures too. PK is a big aspect of our game, it's fast paced, and free-to-play. We average 30-80 people online depending on the time of day, and roleplay is a big part of our community.
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Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

Ok but Avalon: The Legend Lives fits your requirements pretty well. Like, 100%.

1 You can become a werewolf! According to HELP WEREWOLF, "Lycanthropy is an uncommon curse, evoked by great Sorcerers and an extremely rare poison. It involves the changing of a human being, during the night-time, into a werewolf. While in the form of the werewolf the person will have a great lust for blood, but will be unaffected by killing as one would as a human. The werewolf is able to CLAW and BITE enemies in the way of attack. They will have
huge Constitution, Defence and Stealth. They will be able to BARGE past ice walls, call upon POWER
to resist many hindrances, ROAR and HOWL challenges to the land and TRUESENSE enemies. The only
known cure to lycanthropy is madabril."

2 Well. Romance eh. Avalon does have a wedding feature. According to HELP WEDDING, "In order to illustrate the touches of realism which Avalon possesses, it is worth mentioning two of the less regular events in the land; the weddings and the divine gift of pregnancy. Weddings take place, as one might expect, between two Avalonian adults - often cementing ties between cities or uniting powerful individuals. Traditionally they used to be held in the Mercinaen cathedral or one of the temples in Thakria but in modern times patron deities and patron temples tend to be the
chosen venues."

"Weddings are officiated (or presided over) by Gods, senior members of the priesthood or those of
sufficient priestly rank to be given the honour of a single presiding. This honour is bestowed via
the PRESIDENT command and will be documented in your priesthood lists if you have the ability. If
you are presiding over a wedding, you type WEDDING <bride> <groom> - in that format and no other -
to initiate Avalon's traditional wedding ceremony centered on Mercinae's ancient cathedral. WEDDING
OFF aborts the ceremony. The traditional ceremony will set in motion a build-up of messages
picturesque and bountiful and eventually lead to the point of the bride and groom awaiting the
denouement - the actual marriage itself - which is performed by the priest/God presiding and taken
to the point of the vows being given."

"The final Avalon-wide message before the manual ceremony is: "Avalon stands as one, the Earth of
Aldaron, the Seas of Proteus and the Sky of Pericles, within the confines of creation itself, a
single voice crying union to BRIDE and GROOM." This is the point at which the wedding shifts from Avalon-wide to within the Mercinaen Cathedral. The presiding priest or God types WELCOME in the cathedral when satisfied the congregation is
present and everything is ready. This will set in motion the interior displays, a further twenty
texts culminating:

"As the cathedral falls dark, a lonely shaft of light falls on BRIDE and GROOM locked in embrace, a
perfect image of unity and bonding." And at this point, the presiding priest/God takes over entirely and goes through the ceremonial part unique to the particular wedding. Once the vows are given the presiding official types MARRY and the
bond is made; the wedding is complete!

Pregnancy is often a by-product of a wedding, though more often it is a gift bestowed upon mortals
unknown to them by the benevolent deities. Pregnancy lasts over a period of nine months, at which
point the pregnant mother-to-be will be able to give birth. She will find herself experiencing
labour pains and eventually going into labour fully - all will be described - where typing BEAR
CHILD begins the birthing process. The child which is born will be helpless and dependent on its
parents to defend it against the bitter, cruel world. It will grow through childhood and eventually,
upon reaching maturity, will fly the nest and become an independent adult in his/her own right."

3 Yes, the PK in Avalon is top quality. Like, even better than GodWars. Over 2000 abilities across 50 skills through 9 professions (classes), along with hundreds of herbs, poisons, runes, potions and more which you will have to learn to use to your advantage. PK is encouraged and theres no designated PK zones of sorts - the whole world is your battlefield, other than several 'protected' locations like holy temples and the Pool of Life. In fact, pretty much all non-animists are encouraged to fight their peers in their early days - learning about equilibrium, balance, footwork, herbs, poisons and all to prepare them for the more ruthless times as they grow older. As one of my friends once said, "There's no reason required to attack someone; we are all nobles of Avalon, gifted with resurrections and second life and therefore life is not as valuable as it is in our permadeath world." It takes years to master combat, as it takes an undying curiosity in the inner workings, tricks and traps of the Avalon combat world before one can call himself a true paradigm of his profession.

4 Avalon is SOOO fast-paced that one of our blind players even had to get an 800-word per minute screen reader to accommodate his needs. Combat is a massive rush of text and therefore the senior players all use colour triggers to highlight poisons to prevent getting killed by a poison that you didn't notice was spat at you. Like, jegga, for example, is a poison that kills in 4 seconds. Unless cured in that time, you're dead.

5 Yes, Avalon is free to play - theres an option of sponsorship or subscription. Sponsorship is absolutely free and comes at a cost of globe power, an in-game resource that is gained from your city-mates doing quests, slaying foes and all. Sponsorship was introduced early this year after almost 25 years of being pay-to-play, and so many people are returning to Avalon.

6 Yes, Avalon's history is very broad and interesting. From massive wars that resulted in the destruction of a whole player-run city, to gods being struck down, to massive thefts, including the tale of legendary thief Narissa who broke into Olympus and stole the divine gems. Avalon has been around for 25 years and therefore there are many tales of legendary characters - for example Tarakin, who sacrificed his entire inventory as he felt he had let down his patron (god) after he was defeated in combat as well as various mortals who built cities and established guilds. Mortals are also able to become gods through gem quests, where the best fighters fight it out in Avalon for several hours, the winners eventually stepping forward and becoming ordained as gods. (Matt, developer of Iron Realms Entertainment, used to play Avalon a lot as a character named Nightshadow, who was then renamed as Shaitan as his patron felt he needed a more terrifying name. This Shaitan eventually became ordained as Lazarus, god of pain).

7 This one. Avalon averages around 30 players online, although online numbers can drop beyond that during low peak times. This is partly because idling is rather discouraged and idling in unprotected locations will easily get you killed. Also the tutorial system is kinda frustrating somethings, especially when you can't find any herbs/poisons/animals in the hunter course. And ALSO its not rare to see fighters give up on Avalon after losing repeatedly in combat. Its not their fault - combat in Avalon is punishing and presents a roller-coaster of emotions - when you win, you are in a good mood for the rest of the day. Unfortunately one only wins through hundreds and hundreds of tries and dying and getting back up and fighting on. It takes the most determined fighter to eventually prevail over his foes.
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Re: Still trying to find the perfect game.

Originally Posted by Missty125 View Post

As before I'm still searching for the perfect game, and need help with trying to find it.
Basically what I like is as follows:
Okay here are your answers for likely one of the best roleplaying social/political game out there, New Worlds Ateraan at

1 Vampire/Werewolf:
Not exactly, but the game does have dark elves (called Malor) and Shaman that are similar to Warlock/Witches.
And there are Lykos and Nykos both wolf/humanoid type of creatures. Check the website for full descriptions of these races as well as many more like Trolahks (think Klingon style).

2 Romance
Depends on your type of roleplay. There are over 100 players here with 50/50 men and women players. Romance can be a part of the roleplay as well as social/political/religious roleplay.

3 PK
Pk is based on roleplay. If you roleplay into it you can be pk'd as well as pk. But this is a serious roleplaying game and twinks don't last long. The players here pride themselves on good backgrounds, quality engagement, etc.

4 Fast paced games, not slow ones
This is entirely dependant on your style of gaming. The guilds and areas to start in are completely open to your style from slavery, to the free spirited rogue, to the serious cleric, notorious fighter, honor bound warrior, and even the affluent merchant. There are numerous guilds, each with their own agenda, style, and powers. What you do and how quick you are with things is up to you. You can spend a day with a ten member adventure group, hours in roleplay with a large group or just one other, or adventure on your own.

5 Free to play

6 Historical
The game has a rich background built by the creators, based on a book, and also through player/staff development over the years (10+). The geographics, politics, and religions are well developed and historic.

7 Plenty of other players to RP with, not dead realms
Over 100 and two areas to start in. I STRONGLY recommend starting in the North in the Kingdom as it is very harsh in the Southland (slavery, conscripts, servants, heirarchy) and you can get killed or have a difficult time.

Other things to consider about New Worlds Ateraaan:

8. Shipping: This game has a robust shipping section with all types of ships, weapons, pirates, deep sea fishing, islands, whaling, and other things in the ocean to explore.

9. Unique Guilds: The guilds in Ateraan are unique and diverse from Magical ones to Merchants/Traders to warrior and clerical types.

10. Robust World: The world of Ateraan is large and has Forests, Caves, Fortresses, Castles, Deserts, Dunes, numerous Towns and Cities, Swamps and Mountains as well as Oceans.

11. Large scale adventure. Groups can and do go out from two to over a dozen. Sometimes invasions cause 50+ Adventurers to deal with large scale intelligent enemies that can storm a town or city.

12. Large Events: Auctions, Theatrical plays, Costume Balls, Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring events put on by staff and/or players are always happening. These events lead to massive roleplay, interaction, and entertainment and can be both social and dangerous.

13. Houses and Ships: Players can own cottages, mansions, even castles and these locations are of quality as they are built and developed by the Merchant or Trader Guilds in the game. The ships are also built by those guilds and vary vastly.

14. The Staff and Guides. The staff and guides of Ateraan are supremely helpful and willing to ensure you have a good experience.

Try out Ateraan and I think you will agree with the other players that it is a unique and incredible place to live.

Good Luck!
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