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Lightbulb New Changeling Freehold in a nWoD MUSH

I'm a player on The Reach, a nWoD MUSH set in fictional Aleswich, Maine, with around 200-300 people a night, running Changeling, Changing Breeds, Geist, Hunter, Immortal, Mage, Mortal, Possessed, Vampire and Werewolf, and is currently in a metaplot in which all splats are battling a Cthulu-like demigod to prevent armageddon. In my opinion, our Changeling setting is...a little weird. An exiled Gentry runs the local Goblin Market and the queen of the largest freehold in the county is exiled gentry. I'm the president of a tiny new non-Seasonal freehold that is sticking to an anti-Gentry position as much as possible and weathering the IC storm because of it. It's actually a lot of fun, but we could use more people. Here's my pitch:

The Iron Spire is a lean new Changeling freehold with a focus on freedom, democracy, and a loathing of Gentry. We’re looking for Changelings to help us in our struggle against the Gentry that (in my opinion) have permeated every part of Changeling life in Aleswich, and in our fight for our very survival as we find a place amidst the bigger freeholds. We have a focus on personal plotlines, quality small-group interactions and the difference one person can make in a greater storyline. We’re open to a wide variety of concepts, and as a small group, you’ll be able to easily find your niche. All we require is that the Changeling love freedom and democracy, have an aversion to working with Gentry, and be willing to work with the group towards advancing these goals through Aleswich.

Sound interesting? Check out 2009 , and look at The Iron Spire - ReachWiki for more information. In-game, talk to Morch, Kelvin or Pyra for more information or to discuss your concept. Hope to hear from you soon!

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