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These guidelines are here to help maintain a high quality signal/noise ratio within the Advanced Mud Concepts forum. Please read them carefully and keep them in mind when you post here.

(1) If you are new here, please take a moment to skim over the other threads before making a post of your own. This will give you a feel for what is appropriate, and should also help you avoid posting something which has already been asked.

(2) Read a thread thoroughly before posting to it, to avoid making a point which someone else has already made. If you can't be bothered to read the thread, then please do not post to it - otherwise threads tend to become circular, going over the same points again and again.

(3) Please remember that this forum is under the "Discussions" category, and not the "Promotions" one. As such, while you are welcome to describe approaches used by your (or any other) mud in order to help answer questions, please do not use this forum for blatant advertising. In particular, do not post the address of your mud (although you may of course use your sig for this).

(4) When starting a new thread, please make sure that it is appropriate for this forum. An appropriate thread should almost never be codebase-specific, and it should not be easily answered - a mud "concept" is very rarely "right" or "wrong", but instead has as many answers as there are posters. The purpose of this forum is for the different posters to share their views, and to provide each other with inspiration for new ideas and feedback for existing ones.

(5) When replying to points made by another individual, please either quote the appropriate section above your reply, or phrase your post in such a way as to make it obvious what you are responding to. Please do not quote the entire post - just enough to provide context.

(6) I encourage you all to add your thoughts and feelings - and particularly your suggestions and insights - in response to posts made here. Your posts can be positive or negative, but they must at least be constructive - no "Me too" posts, please. I will prune the threads where necessary, but I'd rather I didn't have to.

(7) Remember that your posts will be viewed by a wide audience, and that people will form opinions of you based on the quality of your posts. If your grammar or spelling skills are particularly bad, you may want to run them through a checker before posting - otherwise you may find your points being overlooked by people who can't understand what you're trying to say.

(8) It is sometimes desirable to go back and edit a previous post, so as to fix a spelling mistake, fix a broken link, or whatever. Please try not to change the actual content of your posts, as it can completely disrupt the thread. If you've something else to add, and other people have already responded to your post, please make your additional comments in another post. If you must modify the content of an older post, please add an "EDITED: <date>" comment by the modified section, so that people can see what was changed and when.

(9) Assume that individuals speak for themselves, unless they specifically state otherwise. For example, unless I say "speaking as moderator", you should assume that I speak for myself. Equally, unless someone says "speaking as the owner of mud X", you should assume that they are not posting as a representative of their mud.

(10) Flame wars happen, we all understand that - but when your flames cease to contribute to the discussion, don't be surprised if they get deleted.

(11) Topic-drift happens from time to time, as people take one idea and turn it into something completely different. However on these forums it can become very difficult to follow several unrelated discussions on the same thread - so if you branch off into a complete new train of thought while the old thread is still running, please move it to a different thread.

(12) Please try to be honest and considerate in your postings. Don't create multiple accounts to back up your points, don't spam the threads, don't lie or pretend to be something other than who you really are. I'd also ask you to please not bring your grudges onto this forum, or at the very least try to be discrete about it. There are plenty of other places (including other forums on Top Mud Sites) where you can make posts like that - but I'd like to try and keep this forum exclusively for hardcore discussions of advanced mud concepts.
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