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Old 05-13-2002, 04:46 PM   #1
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Why is KaVir's post allowed to stay? There are more then enough polls already and it being a no-reply poll, it doesn't conform to your rules that discussion should be about MUDs. Also, I find that post highly debateable as flame bait, for which you have your own specialized thread.

I demand that that post, according to your own rules, should be removed. Otherwise I think this is a clear act of "ass-kissing" and "brown-nosed politics". (which are quite common in the MUD world, so it wouldn't surprise me.)
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Old 05-13-2002, 05:21 PM   #2
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Name: Richard
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KaVir will become famous soon enoughKaVir will become famous soon enough
The point that you and your little community keep missing is that the Top Mud Sites forum is for discussing muds - and obviously a post about Top Mud Sites is not off-topic for the general Top Mud Sites forum.

And as an aside, you are in no position to make "demands" of anyone. It is not your decision to make whether or not some polls can stay and others can go - it is the moderators. You'll also note that I disabled replies to my poll specifically to AVOID flames.

Once again, I reiterate, please try to show some manners. Any doubts I may once have had regarding your treatment on Realms of Despair have now vanished - I think it's perfectly clear to everyone exactly what sort of person you are.

Now you said you were going to leave us alone, so how about showing us that despite your other failings, you can at least keep your word?
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Old 05-13-2002, 08:31 PM   #3
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Kyandra is on a distinguished road
I find myself agreeing with Seth (shiver, may the goddess protect me). The poll is one sided, and doesn't give anyone an opportunity to say what they feel. It's like asking someone if they have stopped beating their wife. No matter what answer you give......

Next time you want to try being reasonable and fair, try putting in the term other and letting people say why they come here.

I really couldn't give a rat's behind about the technical part of mudding. I don't code, won't code, and would commit ritual sepuku first. I have been an immortal, and I have built, and I still would not read those sections of these forums.

I am a mature adult, not a teenager or whatever attitude producing adjective you are using to describe some of the people who sit here in the tavern. I used to think that this was like any bar.. someplace people could come, chew the fat, etc. (On AVATARs forum, it's referred to simply as "off topic", that is for anything NOT MUD RELATED.

People here have gotten to the point that this place is flame central. This is not limited to the newbies, or the regular posters. You know who you are, and if you don't....... sigh.
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Old 05-13-2002, 08:56 PM   #4
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And I must take a polar opposite to you here, Kyandra, and agree with KaVir. (Note: For those who know me, that is a shock to agree with someone without reservations. :O )

First off, Seth et all have done nothing but spam. Even now, after all this screaming and yelling, new rules, etc. - not even all that has done anything to cut down their spam. Their posting frequency, in fact, has only gone up since then.

Honestly, I think KaVir's poll was fair, even if it appeared biased. I am here for information relating to MUDs. Not what socks someone wears. Well, unless it involves RL, and -points to his homepage-. You get the idea. And then it is severely off-topic and possibly offensive for the rest of the boards.

My point? Simply this - 90%+ of the people that come here, or used to come here in many cases, were here for informative discussions about MUDs. Not the pointless, meandering drivel that Seth and clique posts. I think many people will agree with me on that - we don't want to read bull**** about what socks people wear. We want to read about new MUD concepts, (for the coders) new MUD OO design and whatnot, (for the builders) new ways of using Mob progs/OLC, etc.

We do not want to read Seth et all's pointless drivel.

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