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Pre-Alpha Untitled StarWars Project(Staff, Players, Critiques)


So, I've started with an SWRFuss 1.3 and made some hefty changes. I thought I would share a little of what I've done so far to drum up some Staff and Players as well as any critiques. I've created a newbie area with a series of quests and items and some boss battles. They should give a general indicator for how the game's combat system will play: it's pacing, it's questing, it's leveling style, skill creation, etc.

It will be Role-Play enforced mud, and the Role-Play systems while designed are not completed yet. I do feel, that I have enough code in place for builders to start building and for me to start moving through Alpha and Beta phases. After making that newbie area I realized, I am not a builder, I am a coder and there is a list of staff positions that I am seeking below. As a Builder or Head Builder, I should warn you that I do have a vision of what I want content to look like and it will be held to very high standards. That being said, I am not extremely strict with area design or creativity, just what features may be included a certain areas as well as which planets will be which level ranges. I will also be collaborating heavily on item stats. Without further delay...

Staff Positions
- Head Builder: Must have great knowledge of Star Wars and be well versed in the Smaug OLC and ready to adapt to the various upgrades I've made
- Other Builders x3: Must have some knowledge of Star Wars Muds and have at least worked with the Smaug OLC

Current Features
-players can make their own skills based on parameters received from disciplines they know.
-cool down system for skills
-oldschool "AC" converted to evasion
-added global AC stat
-fight system completely revamped with even more changes to come
-uncapped stats
-added stat agility(AGI)
-threat system
-new mp commands/if checks/triggers
-revamped grouping system
-new editor for buffers
-dynamic quest system
-dynamic loot/item generation system
-several changes to item stats
-mob AI system
-global thought scripting system

Things to Come
-new OLC for building that will be combined with the old
-further rewrite of combat system featuring opponent targeting and changing how fights are managed
-instancing for endgame
-totally revamped respawning system for dynamic respawns
-state saving(persistence)
-crafting system
-notepad system
-auction house system
-clan system
-roleplay system
-combo system

Please keep Thoughts, Comments, Critiques, Suggestions, Ideas, Pondering, and Wonderings to the Thread so I have a place to go and reference them later.

If you like what you play and want to participate in this project, I will take applications through PMs and Emails( The positions listed above are the ones I am seeking but general applications are welcome as well. If you feel you bring a particular skill set other than building to the table, feel free to apply and tell me what that is.

The address is
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Re: Pre-Alpha Untitled StarWars Project(Staff, Players, Critiques)

...players can make their own skills based on parameters received from disciplines they know.
Sorry to drop in here with such an off the wall question - was actually just scrolling over the forums idly and figured I'd pop in - but can you explain this a little? It sounds like a pretty unique feature and I was wondering you would mind giving some highlights on how it works. I've never seen a MUD where you can make your own skills.
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