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Re: Are you experienced?

Hehe My first stint into RP was at Gundam Wing MUD when I happened to steal Wing Zero [One of the canon mech's of considerable power] and went on a mad rampage through space... It was shortly ended when one of the immortals logged in on Duo Maxwell and had zmud or some other mud client which allowed them to repeat commands instantly while I was on telnet. They blew me to little bits using DeathScythe. That was when I was 12 sadly I was around in the 90's although it wasn't such a bad time for RP really. Playing in the backyard bludgeoning my friends as a rather less then noble knight or on some of my more juvenile days pretending to be a gargoyle from that one childrens tv show... you know the one :P.

After my stint on Gundam Wing MUD it closed down and I moved onto a chatroom based RP for awhile with alot of fighting. It wasn't exactly high brow but it sure did get my typing speed up. Eventually I longed for the mighty muds again and I checked out mudconnector and found The Sea of Storms [which I had previously found via there rather often viewed concordance of all WoT] I've been there ever since and that's been what 7 years now? TSOSMUD has pretty much been my home though I have tried Otherspace as well and found it entirely interesting but by that point I had become a staffer and was eagerly running events on TSOS and couldn't really commit to a game as cool as Otherspace without spending hours of my day delving into the story.
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Re: Are you experienced?

Ive been role playing since 1996, but gaming since the early 80s. My first console was a nintendo which had Mario bros, and the Legend of zelda gold disc (which I still have with me) I later got into the final fantasy series. I did not get into computer games till 1996 and after that Dungeons and Dragons in 1998 and been playing that game since. I dont know if Im what one would call experienced I do know that I like to game and any game I find fun I'll play. Ive been playing muds for a few years now to started with Aardwolf which I have a few girls on, played Achea for a little but had to stop gaming when I became a mom for a little. My hubby found a little niche role playing mud and thats the place we call home for now its been fun getting back into gaming. Now I balance work caring for the little one with the occassional questing and fun. I still play old school games though love Heroes of Might and Magic, Baldur's gate tosc, soa, and tob. Ive played that whole series threw and currently playing it again with modifications I love games that make me think and I tend to like games where I can read stories and play a character for awhile. So thats my all I can put about my experience gaming so far hopefully i'll broaden it more joining communities like this one.
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Re: Are you experienced?

I started in roleplaying in 1987 or 88 at the age of 6 or 7 when I inherited my cousin's old 1st Ed D&D books, and managed to finagle my way into getting the DMG and PG of AD&D the Christmas of my 10th birthday, playing D&D campaigns with people almost twice my age by the age of 12.

I think my first foray into MU*ing was Carrion Fields in 1994, when I was 13. Internet was still dial-up then, so my friends and I played every lunch and study hall during junior high through a black and green terminal in the library. Something at Carrion Fields caused us to leave (it very well could have been one of us getting banned, causing us all to be banned), and we moved to Asritya in early 1995, and I eventually became an admin there (Cernunnos or somesuch). We tried to insert complex plots and rp into the environment there, but just as often, we were trying to pull off complex heists to break the code and become the richest and most powerful.

I continued to play Asritya throughout high school and my first year of college, but it was increasingly clear to me that it was never going to be a great rp spot, and I started looking at Mud Connector religiously for a new game, trying dozens for a week at a time. During the late summer of 2000, I found OtherSpace. Despite being a fantasy person and a mud person, this Sci-fi MUSH had a major draw for me, and I stuck. By late winter of 2001, I was an admin there.

The OtherSpace banner spread out over the years to be called Join The Saga (JTS), and I admined on those games over time, shifting to Chiaroscuro when it opened in 2002, briefly on Star Wars: ROE in 2002 or 2003, and shifting my time back and forth between Chiaroscuro and OtherSpace for several years. I played for a few months on SerenityMUSH in 2008, but couldn't stand the politics there, and played for a few months on some D&D 3rd Edition MUSH, but didn't understand enough about 3rd Ed format to do well there.

Three of the four JTS games consolidated and slightly rebooted in 2009, so now I spend all my time there. I'm really excited about the potential of everyone working together to build a rich, interactive world together in this new environment.
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Re: Are you experienced?

Pern (oh man ) really started my interest in role-playing when I was in my first years of high school. It actually started with my writing original character fan fiction to win adoptable dragons from different websites. Sounds so exciting, right?? While googling around checking for new sites to write for and apply at, I stumbled upon PernMUSH. After a few tentative attempts at connection and stumbling around, I finally really made a character.

From that point on, I was absolutely hooked to MUSHing and real RPing. His name was Banain and he was a young, awkward and OCD resident at Igen Weyr. He was hysterical, he was sweet and he was very dear to me. Since then I've had a variety of characters that I've played over the years. I briefly tried playing on Fort Bloodshed but found that the play there wasn't exactly condusive to my personal style, despite a western seemingly like a totally cool game idea.

When I went to college, I took a brief break from gaming. Only to return about a year later. (Me = Gaming Addict) I came back to PernMUSH, created a new character. I fell into a group of players that were relationship and plot driven folks. They just totally made my experience a hundred times more amazing and really elevated it above the normal fluffy Pern gaming. My character went to jail, he got in trouble. He felt real desperation. His life nearly collapsed. I was totally riveted.

Due to difficulties with the Wiz on PernMUSH the more driven players left sometime last summer, creating their own haven at NorCon. Where I'm currently playing. :-)

Recently I've diverged into a classic D&D game and another tabletop game based off Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms. This new RPing has given me some fresh perspective.

That's me in a nutshell!
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Re: Are you experienced?

I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon.

I started out on AOL in a game ran by ANTagonist, or something like that. Bascially it was a gaming site on AOL. They had a RP game called Assassin Tag, basically you are assassins, you 'hunt down" your prey, and RP a fight, post the logs and it was actually fun. From there I found Black Bayou, which was also on the ANT network. It was the chat room knock off of White Wolf's games, which featured vamps, weres, angels, demons, witches, etc. I eventually became a storyteller there.

I enjoyed RPing and somehow I came across Darkness Falls. Thinking it was free, since becoming a HOST gave me a free AOL account, I played a bunch. I was 18 at the time and living with Gramma, who was paying the bills. So after racking up about $300+ of hourly charges, I had to give DF the boot. I stuck with my free Black Bayou and a few other IRC or AOL chatroom RPGs and Hosting for a moment, then got a job of my own. By now DF had moved the web and I didn't like the new game much so I, too, played Dragons Gate.

From there, I'm found FREE muds. I've played Armageddon and a bunch of WoD MUSHes. I've played Anchea (which I could never spell correctly) and been in the betas for every IRE since then. I've been on and off of Threshold and I think I've actually played Lusternia the most out of any game - and I've spent more there, too. But about 300 over about 2+ years isn't bad, I guess. I've dabbled with Gemstone and DragonRealms. Gemstone is fun, actualy, but I Just can't afford 40 bucks a month!

Its funny, but I've never RPed offline. I have bunches of White wolf books, but there's never anyone in my area who likes it. I've played a few forum based DnD games, but that's the closest I've ever gotten to that.

Now, I'm awaiting The Seventh Sun and playing Harshlands. I also am designing my own RP mandatory mud that I'm extremely excited about. I even have a blog about it! I've just got serious about it and decided to give it a go.

Well, that's it.

Last edited by Realedazed : 05-17-2009 at 07:08 PM. Reason: I left out some stuff.
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Re: Are you experienced?

I've been playing MUDS for about 15 years. I started with Dragon's Gate up until a couple years ago when the server crashed. I remember finding it on AOL games and I had my wife (ex wife now) play it so she could teach me. I was very computer illiterate at this time. We both ended up getting hooked. She has moved on to graphical games but I have stuck true to my roots and stayed with MUDs.

I've tried many, many MUDS but nothing I have found is as good as my first love, Dragon's Gate. DragonRealms was fun but the RP environment was not there. I am now playing Isle of Aedin. It was build by former Dragon's Gate players so it is the closest thing to home that I have found.
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