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Maybe this is only because of the way I was introduced to it (potions), but I'm guessing that crafting was originally part of the Exploration type of mudding. Going out and looking for the materials is the activity; the final product is just the reward for success, just like the loot is the reward for Killers, the stat increase is the reward for the Achievers, and the new friend is the reward for the socializers (I suppose).

But is Crafting still a part of the Exploration type of mudding? Sure, there's often still some exploration involved; but the four types have always meshed somewhat. You can't be a good Killer unless you generally know your way around, and so on and so forth.

Crafting now is generally much more creative figuring out the ingrediants for potion x. You can decide what you want to craft, describe the object yourself, mess with its stats on a more basic level (though some materials will still be better than others for certain things), etc.

Maybe it's still Exploration, just on a smaller level. It is if we apply the type broadly; but the type is so loosely defined that any mud activity could fall under it.

I think what rescued Crafting from the Exploration type, in the end, was the fact that very similar activities don't fall under the Exploration type: those activities that are typically associated with building. Building isn't always restricted to admins: on some mu*s, players are allowed to build rooms and objects for themselves just as any admin would, though an admin might have to approve it. I think Crafting falls under this mudding type. Call it Creation.

Let me qualify this, however. Creation would not include such professions that are assumed solely for the purpose of roleplay. Posing or emoting the creation of something is not the same thing as actually creating the thing in the mud. Rather, those activities would fall under the Socialization type. On the other hand, most Crafting I've seen was on roleplay muds, and most building by players seems to be on MUSHes and other Socialization-intensive mu*s.

1) Do you think object crafting and emote crafting should be under the same type or not?

2) Do you think Crafting was originally intended for Socialization rather than Exploration in the first place?

3) Do Creative activities deserve a new mudding type in mud theory? If not, what part should they be a part of, Socialization, Exploration, or Achievement? (Certainly not Killing.)

Also, are there any other activities that may have evolved (or might soon evolve) into a new mudding type?
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Definately crafting and all player based economies were implemented to provide a very usefull and fun way to accelerate player interaction.

and i agree wholeheartedly! i love mud economies! not only does it provide a means of entertainment when i am tired of backstabbing orcs, but it adds a whole new dimension to the game.
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I'm not really sure of the intent of your question. The game I play doesn't include potions as a "craft" skill, but rather herblore is a "miscellaneous" skill and further our game has no set professions or classes.

Crafting, in Inferno (yeah I mentioned it - so sue me), is actually several different skills: Artisan for jewelry making, cutting gems, and creating carved items, Crafting, which is leather armor making and bow carving, Smithing, which is smelting ore into metal and cutting it for use by weaponsmiths and armorsmiths, Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing (self explanatory), and Weaving, which is everything from combining "body parts" of critters to make dyes for yarn, spinning fibers on a wheel, to create the skeins, weaving the yarn on a loom, and cutting and sewing the clothe created into clothing and "containers" such as backpacks and satchels and purses.

These crafting skills are vital to the economic balance of the game, such that they are supported by game mechanics as viable full-time methods of advancement through one's chosen guild and even through the level system. Hunting characters rely on the crafter characters for their equipment and wardrobes, for healing herbal remedies and mana boosters, for fatigue relief and enchantable rods, and even for gravestones to mark the passing of a brave comrade.

I don't consider crafting, as I've described, as an "exploration" set of skills as much as a socialization and political set of skills. Be nice to your crafter, or the next helm you wear just might not protect you against the bigugly critter. Or, it might, but you could very well pay double what you would've paid if you were more polite to the crafter.

That's my take on the "skillset" known as crafting, as I know it from my own experiences.
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