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Old 08-18-2015, 05:37 AM   #1
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Seeking Builders/Coders for win based MUD

Smaugwiz derivative that has been gathering dust for years has been brought back online.
We have a separate builders port to avoid issues with game play and online players.

Heavily modified smaugwiz 2.02 code base. Using visual studio 2015 with the code base for mods.

We are looking to find someone with much better coding exp with muds and c++ then myself.
There are many things we would like to see altered within the code that are beyond my skills.

Builders, we seek as well to bring areas up to date, fix old bugs within existing areas.
We wish to have a major over haul of both areas and items, monsters etc.
We need to re-evaluate the difficulty of areas, the power of items and abilities of both monsters and players alike.

All is on the block for alteration: Races, classes, combat system etc!

We welcome back any old friends from years passed and new ones as well.

Pls log in to the realm and contact: Took <--- head immortal

Realm Info: Port: 4000

You may leave email as well if you wish.

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Old 08-19-2015, 02:47 AM   #2
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 44
Lazerous is on a distinguished road
Re: Seeking Builders/Coders for win based MUD

I have pulled out the old source code and I am getting some odd errors from the compiler so
any help would be appreciated by anyone knowledgeable with smaugwiz code base.


Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error MSB4023 Cannot evaluate the item metadata "%(RootDir)". The item metadata "%(FullPath)" cannot be applied to the path ".\F:\SmaugWizard Builder\SmaugWiz.hlp". The given path's format is not supported. SmaugWiz C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V140\Microsoft.Cp pBuild.targets 995

Not touched the code base in years nor ms visual studio in years.
Also had an error about it being unable to find a file: swcontrolsocket.dsp

So I tried to go to the source and snag a new copy of the old source code to maybe snag a copy of the file that way.
Nope, setup.exe wont run on my pc for the smaugwiz 2.02 source code from mudbytes.
Given I am running win 8, and this is a very very old mud not overtly surprised.

Any help here is appreciated.
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