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Star Wars: Galactic Unrest

This post originates from TMC

Galactic Unrest is a heavily modified version of SWFOTE.

We are set just after the battle of endor (return of the jedi) and are set in the expanded universe.

Goals: To create a MUD thats fit for the modern age with a graphical GUI and new ideas.

Whats new:

Object Attachment system - every object can have attachments to improve the object stats. This can be to upgrade weapons and armor or to customizw your datapad.

Datapad/Terminal system - We have heavily upgraded the datapad system so that you can actually use the datapad with an inbuilt GUI. We've also added terminals that are setup for specific tasks.

Slicer Upgrades - A full new set up slicing skills is being implemented to go with the new datapad/terminal system

Player/clan owned bases - capturable bases with a full set of base commands.

Prestige/Feats - Character customizations and specializations
in the form of prestige classes and feats.

Fleet controls - Skills and commands that allow for a fleet of ships to be controlled by a single player.

Advanced GUI - A heavily customized GUI plugin for mushclient takes the mud to a new graphical level with inbuilt mapper.

clans - 14 implimented clans including goverments, corporations, Crime Syndicates ans guilds.

planets - 36 planned planets with areas of over 300+ rooms per area.

ships - 120 different ships being built. These will be fully upgradable included internal customization for added usability.

much more - we have many more plans ontop.


We have coders working day and night to ensure that the codebase is fully upgraded but we are in dire need of builders.

if you would be interested in joining our team please send us a message at

port: 1666


We look forward to hearing from you

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