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The Hyborian Lands MUD: DARK SHADOWS in ZAMORA

Seeking a playerbase!

- based on Robert E. Howard's Conan/fantasy setting

- modified SMAUG (a few yrs in development)

- Evil/Good class-based PKill/Adventure

- 4-Sided PKILL War

- Classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Healer, Warrior, Thief, Vampire, Were-men

- Races: Cimmerians, Stygians, Vanir, Aesir, Aquilonians..etc

- Huge, all-original cities, strange, unexplored country - all strategically
 designed for Pkill, and heavy with that doom-and-gloom, Howard, atmosphere

- encouraged ROLEPLAY

- Continual Development despite the lack of players

The nation of Zamora, with its wicked cities and accursed ruins, has a
new occupant by the name of Yara the red priest. Building a temple for
himself in Arenjun, strange happenings of all sorts have been plaguing
the nation. Weird creatures have been seen creeping about through the
wilderness, and occasionally murdering some hapless wanderer. The King
himself is said to keep himself drunk and locked away in his palace in
Shadizar. Crime has increased, although even the criminals are wary of
the strange dangers said to be on the loose in the wilds. Men whisper
the very dead have risen from their tombs to hunt human flesh...

The Hyborian Lands MUD: Dark Shadows in Zamora 6666
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