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The Rod has once again been used. Mortals, lands and gods have all been claimed as victims, but with destruction come rebuilding. As with the last time the Rod's power was wielded, new life has been granted. Mortal men and women have become blessed by some of the remaining gods.

There is Azak cursed by Elbar, the Lord of the Storm, to go forth in his name and spread more chaos unto the world, and Finharias blessed by Vyrul, the God of Balance and Justice, to help keep the peace and balance during the time of rebuilding. Then we come to Haliyt empowered by Asteri, the Lord of Luck and Fortune, to help remind people that luck's favor can switch so quickly and to live each day to the fullest. And there is Krevick blessed by Sylune, the Goddess of the Hunt and Peaceful Order, to aid in the rebuilding to not only enforce the laws of the natural world but to ensure that during the times of strife no unnatural creatures come to settle the lands. Lastly we have Melphaur, blessed and empowered by Mahrina, the Goddess of Dreams, Destiny and White Magic, who with her sister Mahxissa was created from the Goddess Maeve the last time the power of the Rod was used. Mahrina has given Melphaur new life to bring good dreams to the people of Tharel and to help them on their paths to reaching their destinies.

Do you seek to enforce the laws of the land with the teachings of Vyrul or Sylune? Or do you wish to spread word of luck or dreams under the guidence of Asteri or Mahrina? Or would you rather hinder the rebuilding of the broken world and spread the chaos with Elbar?
Find out if you have what it takes to become a hero in the lands of Tharel and join a world with over 10,000 rooms. If those temples listed above do not catch your interest we have another seven looking for more faithful followers to join.

Join us at Adventures Unlimited!
Port: 5005
Feel free to visit us at our home page
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