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There is much discussion over which is better; class-based or skill-based systems. On one hand, class-based systems provide important niche roles for group dynamics, yet sometimes they feel homogenous. On the other hand, it's fun to customize a skill-based character, yet inevitably every character in the game starts gravitating towards two or three of the same "templates" proven to be most effective in the game.

Quality game designers realize the importance of both of these aspects of gameplay. Our 10 years of running a successful ( and 100% Free! ) class-based MUD has taught us the importance of customization for our players, while still maintaining the important niche roles of classes.

What's better? Of all our customized classes, each operates in a different way, creating a unique experience for the player each time he or she plays a new class!

Some examples:

Warriors - choose 2 of 8 possible weapon specializations, each granting you access to a whole new set of skills! At high levels, choose 2 of dozens of warrior 'legacies' to further customize your character as a warrior of brute strength, finesse, or utility.

Bards - Are you a comedian, tragedian, skald, or romantic? Choose your preferred lyrical repertoire to reflect your roleplay and style, which will in turn affect various nuance of song effects. Switch your mood and instrument depending on your circumstances.

Rangers - At character generation, you'll select a home terrain. When traveling or fighting in this terrain, your ranger will gain access to numerous advantages and all new skills! In addition, you also choose one of several ranger styles. Are you a rugged explorer? An intuitive beastmaster? Or perhaps you favor a bow and arrow as a cunning hunter? (And more! )

Paladins - Paladins feature our empowerment system, where our priests are empowered by human-played deity personas. As a paladin, you will choose not only the deity to which you pray, but also one of two fighting styles (two-handed weapon dedication or shield dedication). In addition to this, provided you are a virutous paladin who adheres to paladinly ideals, your deity may grant you up to 2 of 6 Virtues inspired by your roleplaying. These virtues grant you even more powers bestowed by your god.

Invokers - Of 7 different elemental paths, you will get the opportunity to distribute points of affinity between each of these elements. Nearly countless combinations of point distribution will make each invoker play slightly differently from the next.

But! It doesn't stop there. Drop by or log onto 9999 to see just how many unique and interesting character options are available to you in a world where you will enjoy both the intense competition of PK and the creative expression of elaborate roleplaying.

And we really are 100% Free. No hidden costs. No pay-for-perks. Just tons of fun, heart-pumping, challenging, don't-pay-a-dime gameplay.
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