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I am the Game Producer for a relatively new modern-day based MOO. We are currently looking for staff members to fill all positions. At the moment we are mostly focusing on finding people who are familiar with moo based coding, as well as builders who are ready to sit down and write a few hundred room descriptions The builders will have a big project on their hands, as some of the rooms can have up to 3 descriptions each (light, dark, and snow) depending on the time of day and season.

The game has been in development for the past year, and just recently in the past two months we have begun to actually implement the game systems and actually create the world. While many things are set already, we are also looking for people with new and fresh ideas that we can incorporate in to our world.

We are using a lambdamoo core base for our base system, however all stock areas and other such things have been removed, giving it just enough functionality for us to be able to build our own world on top of it. Being familiar with this coding language would be a great asset if you're looking to code, however minimal knowledge is good too as we have a good staff willing to help you learn. Knowing java would also help you greatly in being able to code with us.

I have also spent a great deal of time creating the staff web page for the game, using php4 to add as many features and tools as I can so that the staff has an interactive way to talk to eachother outside of the game. This includes a news manager, projects manager, room database, leave of absence list, documents folder, a staff information list to help everyone keep in touch, and also all of the information on the game that would be required for a staff member to complete their job properly

Here are just some of the systems that we are working on for the future that will set us apart from the rest of the gaming market for this genre.

-Job System
A working job system where players can accept jobs that must be completed within a specified amount of time, or real consequences could ensue. An example would be someone obtaining a job to fix a broken power cell in the northwestern section of the city. If the job is not completed, the power to the northwestern area will be shut off for a period of time.

While we don't entirely rid ourselves of the hack and slash areas (sometimes we all just want a little mindless mayhem) it is limited to certain areas. Inside of the city itself, we boast an intricate criminal system. Instead of large groups of randomly generated "violent thugs" or "kobolds", all NPCs have full names, and individual descriptions. When a crime is committed, one of the NPCs that is currently in the gaming environment will be charged with it, and while you won't be given their name, you will be given a description and the location of the crime, as well as what crime was committed. This also means that if a murder is committed, there will be a body, if a store is robbed, there will be a broken window or jimmied door, etc.

REAL hunting, not of the monster/mob kind Based on extensive research in to the Colorado laws for hunting, we have compiled a good list of animals that can be hunted and the regulations that go along with each. This also includes fishing, as our location is at the north fork of the Gunnison River.

-Sporting Activities
Baseball, volleyball, river rafting, toobing, skiing/snowboarding, car racing, rock climbing and soccer just to name a few of the planned sporting activities that players can participate in.

-Business Ownership
Players will have the ability to purchase, own, and operate small businesses throughout the city and surrounding areas. The exact types of businesses have not been decided on yet, but it should prove to be a large list. Businesses do have the downside of being broken in to and natural disasters that can strike, which leads to...

-Insurance System
Players will have the option of purchasing insurance for a variety of things including personal injury, home, business, and vehicle insurance to make sure that their hours of gaining the money to buy those fancy things aren't flushed down the toilet because a thief decides to take something from them or ruin something.

A mobile device is something that most of the players will find it hard to live without after a while. The mobile devices allow a great many functions to be carried out that wouldn't be allowed otherwise. With a mobile, a player can keep track of how much money they have, how many hours they have trained in each skill, their health, and their "enhancements" Mobile upgrades will be available to give mobiles more features, but don't expect them to be cheap!

-PSI Abilities
A wide range of PSI abilities will be available to those who believe that a natural life is more suited to them. These abilities could come in great handy down the road.

Mechanical body and mind enhancements that increase your performance, but lower your PSI abilities greatly. The normal tec is quite efficient but boring, you might have to dabble a bit in the black market to find what you really want, or better yet, make it yourself.

Those are just a few of the systems that we're working on, and we're always coming up with new ideas. For more information on the game, feel free to visit the not yet fully functional website for the game where you can currently view the background story and/or fill out a staff application.

Ground Xero - New Troy

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

-Mikal Clark
Ground Xero - Game Producer
Athenis Interactive

AIM: aglaiaks
Yahoo!: aglaiaks
ICQ: 141483951
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