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Some roleplayers find this pasttime beneficial because it allows them to work through certain issues or try different approaches in problem-solving methods. Has this been true for you? What issues have you worked through via roleplaying and how have you applied what you've experienced in RP to real life?
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I'm presently going through some medical issues (whole year in fact) and have used all the confined-to-bed time to develop my MUD, researching and designing it from scratch.

Other than that, does procrastinating by playing MUDs instead of doing papers and studying when in college count? *grin*

Take care,

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Theres not many times in real life where rping as Uk'tar the orc savage warrior (made up, of course) on a mud will help you solve a problem...
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Do I make characters to deal with RL problems for only that reason? Not that I remember.

Have I added bits to characters that represent either a mockery or a reference to something IRL? Yeah.

Couple examples:
1) One of my atheist/new age belief type characters I have is certainly a mockery of the human secularlists of RL. Notably he does things that most people would consider immoral (but not illegal, just less than socially proper), and then when questioned on it he'll jump to 'morals are relative' or 'why are you projecting your morals on me?' type logic. Seeing multiple women at once, deception, general apathy towards what most people see as evil... nothing 'evil' in and of itself, but he's certainly amoral and is a nice pressure valve I have pent up towards human secularists.

2) Another character of mine is relatively old compared to those around him. He's not dumb or anything, but he's math illiterate. So I occassionally bring that out, mostly with him struggling over fractions or division (he can do adding/subtracting okay in small doses). How did this ever help me? I'm a math/accounting tutor IRL, and I would see a lot of clients like this. Part of it helps me understand where the clients come from, another part is another pressure valve. Sometimes I want to be a bit mocking without actually offending anyone. Then I would go into work the next day and feel a bit better.
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