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Wink What's new with LPC? And comment

I learned LPC a couple years ago, and I loved using it. I used a pretty odd mudlib, the merentha mudlib, but once I finally learned how to code all the mechanics I wanted I realized I didn't have the time to build and administer my own MUD. However, I've had some ideas therein and may start it up again some time soon. I'm really not sure what the current place to ask this question is, so I'm doing it here... what's new with LPC? What's the current big MUDlib? Any new LPC muds doing original things?

Also, rather than make a new MUD off the LPC code base, I had an idea. Has anyone here looked into or tried using It isn't flexible enough to satisfy me in the long run, but I'm thinking that I could start a MUD there, build a small player base and get some rooms down for the map, and start to get some feedback before I dive into the more complex stuff. Any thoughts on that?

Many thanks!
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Re: What's new with LPC? And comment

LPC is alive and well. See: - Index for an active LP discussion!
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Re: What's new with LPC? And comment

Mind you, while I haven't looked recently, the trend last I did check was towards database driven systems with a lot of the game mechanics pre-built, which imho defeats the purpose of using something like LPC in the first place, instead of a higher level language, since you can't change the mechanics anyway. Others seem to be looking at replacing it entirely, to get some newer language features, but many of them may be going to hard coded mechanics too, just to make later development easier. Mostly I gave up looking when I couldn't find a server that could load the same library that the mud I played at used, would do it reliably, actually ran under Windows (since I am **not** dual booting just to run a damn game) and used a more rational configuration system (that, and mistranslated unix file names, being the reason 90% of the windows ones fail to work right, at least when using any *pure* LPC mud, instead of the database driven ones like Smaug).

Maybe when I finally get my new router into the network, some stuff rearranged to use it and better internet access via that router (instead of just using it to network), I will play with things some more. But, the trend seem to be split between those that think "improvement" is locking down features, like combat code and character data, to "simplify" things, and the purists who if you suggest that the current development tools for pure LPC systems suck will start screaming about unix prompts and how simple it really is to do, "ghf bah spork nymph", to perform some critical function, or some similarly incomprehensible gibberish, while missing the point that its a pain in the ass to have to do that. lol
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Re: What's new with LPC? And comment

I believe there's still a wide following of the old MudOS/Lima driver/mudlib setup, even though the last time I checked (admittedly some three years ago), development and support for them seen to have been dropped. Other strong sorces included nightmare (which actually was no longer available to the public) and its derivitives and a competing driver that had a rather interesting license that allowed for commercial use (I forgot the name... DGL? D...D something).

Anyhow, LPC is indeed alive and kicking; I feel its got to among the most powerful things out there for MUDs, but it stays on the fringes in the shadow of older C-written or commercial games.
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