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Lightbulb Type of codebase for my MUD?

I'm curious as to which codebase is best for creating the type of MUD I wish to build. I got some experience with PennMush but that's it. Actually downloaded it to play around to get an idea of what I want and what to do.

I want a game that's fast paced, not slow paced. (kinda like those skotos games and the game called New worlds Ateraan)

PK optional.

Not perm. death for regular ALTs (They can respawn or heal somehow)

Perm death for Rogues (VPs)

Now about the game I have an idea on:
-My mind set is on a vampire type of game that will also have werewolf's (Nothing like Twilight, sorry)
-They can find life partners that can help them, players will agree to this if they want to, not required to do this. (kinda like filling out a dating website applications but not really lol, system will match the best ones together)
-Rogues can't find life partners because they are already undead or turned (VPs only and mostly this is a char with perm death)
-Vampires will be able to fly, while obviously werewolf's will be able to shift (upon character creation for wolfs player can create the image of the wolf, and vamps can have one as well.)
-Telepathic communications between players. Also have a main IC line.
-Some NPCs must be teachers so that away just incase the character can't find someone to teach them, they have another option, but costs more. This is for the guilds.
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Re: Type of codebase for my MUD?

As far as I can tell, none of the features you listed makes one codebase more appropriate than another. I would say stick to what you have experience with, except that in the case of PennMush you may have to start by picking a combat system. By contrast, most MUD codebases will come with a combat system, but the RPI features may not be as robust.
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