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rheassi is on a distinguished road

It has been some time since I played a MUD. Years before graphical games were introduced I spent lots and lots of time mudding lol.

Recently I decided I wanted to try a MUD again hehe. Iam looking for suggestions for a MUD that will fit what Iam looking for.

1. No PK or restricted PK. I don't like to PK but don't care if the games has PK as long as I don't have to engage in it or be killed by another player without my consent.
2. A fantasy setting
3. Lots of class and races to chose from
4. A good newbie area to learn in but not the stock MUD school I keep running into as Ive tried muds. Its boreing!
5. Roleplaying encouraged.
6. Lots of quests and unique items.
7. Crafting, player houseing. Something that makes the game unique from others.
8. I acutally prefer a smaller populated mud.
9. Completely free muds. No pay for perks etc...
10 Lastly I like a unique combat system. I tend to almost always play casters so a good robust casting/spells system is a must.

I'd love to find a young new MUD. One that is developed enough to play but still expanding.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and links!!

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While we do not meet all those criteria you list, you might try Avatar - We are mostly original, have our own mudschool, have many races and classes available, some not available at startup, 3 tiers and thousands of unique rooms.

Good luck in your search and welcome back to mudding.
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Old 07-05-2006, 01:37 AM   #3
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Luvan is on a distinguished road
Clandestine Mud ( and Adventures Unlimited ( and Project bob ( are three pretty solid games that seem to fit your requests very closely. Here are the ways they deviate from what you asked:

Bob has a better (at least I think)\ more enjoyable spellcasting and combat system, but does not have player housing. (at least at last check) It also has a pretty interesting quest system.

Adventures Unlimited is very top notch, with high quality areas and very well rounded gameplay in general, but the combat system is pretty much the usual. It does not bog the game down at all though, and fits in very well. Also unless there have been some major code changes since I have played, the main pure spellcasting class is mainly good as a support class. The cleric there is very solid power wise though.

Clandestine has a pretty fun combat system (mostly because of the massive amount of skills\spells you can acquire) but it is still the usual. Also clandestine's players online gets pretty high sometimes (around 50+? cannot remember exactly) which may not fit with your smaller pbase requirement.
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Old 07-05-2006, 06:40 AM   #4
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Home MUD: Karinth
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Hi Rheassi, I would like to invite you to take a close look at Legends of Karinth. Let's skip right to the rundown!

1. PK is allowed, but only in certain areas. I have never ever seen PK that has not been agreed upon beforehand (ie. dueling). The staff take unfair or repeated PKing very seriously.

2. Karinth is a fantasy world with loose ties to Medieval Europe. We have many stories on the website to help set this scene, all original works.

3. We have a wide variety of races. We have no classes - if you can find a trainer for a certain skill, you can learn it. We do not believe in restricting the player to what the implementor thinks a "warrior" or "cleric" should have. In fact, we don't believe that people should be forced to characterise themselves as a certain class. It is more advantageous to select skills that complement each other, but if you want to have magic and healing and stealth and weapons, no one will stop you.

4. We have a custom built newcomer house which combines learning about the game, brief glimpses into what lies ahead in the world, and of course leveling. We also have a seperate area within it, for those who are new to mudding or to the ROM codebase. There are even little quests and brainteasers in the newcomer area itself, although those are of course optional.

5. Roleplaying is highly encouraged. If you have an idea for an event that your character would like to organise, or thoughts about a quest or anything like that, I will personally take the time to discuss it with you and help it to come about if at all possible. As well, you can gain experience through regular roleplay with other players. RP based societies such as guilds and clans are player founded and player run. They are created through character wealth and support, not because "the staff thinks that pirates are cool, so there's a pirate clan".

6. Every area has some kind of quest or brainteaser. Often more than one. You can also earn quest points through finding bugs and typos in the game, which can be exchanged for (among other things) re-strings of items.

7. Player designed and upkept societies (including player designed society/family halls). An ASCII map that moves with you in the wilderness. Flying mounts. Ships. Heck, take a look at the feature list on our website, I'm very confident that you'll spot more than one thing that you find interesting.

8. Playerbase maxes out at around 20 online during peak times. Many are very regular.

9. I promise you that you will never be asked to pay, or be offered an incentive for paying. All donations are free will, to help, and will never receive anything other than heartfelt thanks. I will sell my car before Karinth ever becomes a pay for perks mud, and I don't even own this place.

10. You design your own spells. Name it, choose what components (eg. healing, damage, armour, etc etc) go into your spell, choose how powerful each of them is, choose how long it lasts for... you have spells unique to you. As for melee combat, we have a whole range of stances and styles and special skills for your perusal and enjoyment.

11(?). Definitely developed enough to play (see features) and definitely still expanding rapidly (see news). We welcome you to be a part of that expansion.

See? I got 11/10, so check us out!
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shadowfyr will become famous soon enough
Ages of Despair might fit the bill, somewhat.

> 1. No PK or restricted PK. I don't like to PK but don't care if the games has PK as long as I don't have to engage in it or be killed by another player without my consent.

You have to "join" PK to be allowed to kill people, mostly. There are a few areas that are high danger areas where this rule is suspended, but for the most part PK is restricted to those that choose to do so.

2. A fantasy setting


3. Lots of class and races to chose from

Right now.. 3 clerical, 2 spell caster, 3 warrior, 2 rouge. There is also one of the most complex spellcaster guild most people have seen called Woodland Mage, but its currently suspended for redesign (too many bugs and inbalances). Up and coming guilds, or so we keep being told, are Shaman, Bard and Archer. As for races... There are a lot, but those are also going to be redeveloped. There are a few commonly used, some whose stats are so specific they tend to be picked for specific guilds and a bunch that most people find completely useless after level 20 or so, since their overall stats stink, but they exp fast initially.

4. A good newbie area to learn in but not the stock MUD school I keep running into as Ive tried muds. Its boreing!

No mud school on here. Though, some people consider this a disadvantage in some respects and the book you get handed and made to read a "lot" more annoying. The newbie area amounts to a few low mob strength areas, instructions to get there and info on how to get to your guild and get starting equipment. Unless you are a barbarian, this is straight forward. If you pick that guild, then your guild hall is actually an encampment in the middle of the grasslands, far outside the city limits. Drives everyone nuts to look for it, including the existing players, when the location was changed. lol

5. Roleplaying encouraged.

Not quite... This started out as a hack-n-slash. Some of us have tried to RP, but the world itself doesn't contain many elements that help to do so. There is now an RP society and channel for those that wish to do so, but it has fallen into disuse from a seeming lack of interest from the admin to even try to promote it. Basically, they don't want to waste time with RP elements if no one is RPing, but we can't RP effectively without those elements. Well, at least not with the limited experience and moderate laziness that sometimes RPers that grew up in a H&S environment have anyway.

6. Lots of quests and unique items.

Definitely some unique items. No auto-quest generators or, so far, admin run quests, unless you include the occational easter egg hunt or rare invasions, where half the people on hide from the roaming mobs. lol Quests are mostly a matter of area designer tastes. There are now about 20, I think. Some of them hard enough you need help, some you can do yourself, etc. Mostly just frustrating...

7. Crafting, player houseing. Something that makes the game unique from others.

Crafting - No. Player houses, yes. Originally you could only have 5 guests, to whom you could assign access to chests, for storage. Exits where also all visible. Recently two major changes happened. First, you can now invite, for the next period before a reboot, anyone currently logged in to simply see your house. You still get the 5 permanent residents (well, until you revoke their access anyway..) Also, exits can now be made hidden, so you have to fit the means to find them into the room description or object descriptions, unless you just want to hide them entirely. Some of use have had 100+ room houses, which we could never invite more than 5 people into. Now.. Most of us haven't finished them, still aren't, and don't quite know what to do with the new additions. lol

8. I acutally prefer a smaller populated mud.

At one time we would have had about 50 people on. Then we had a crash, some arguments with the college that kept the server, etc. This led to an entire year before we could even get to the physical machine, let alone move it someplace. Now.. A lot of the older players where lost due to this gap, as well as the new admin and the old, before they retired, cracking down on some major idiots, as well as a few that quit in protest of the banning of the idiots (which doesn't make any damn sense to me... If they broke rules and even hacked, the admin where supposed to do what exactly?) Anyway, now we get maybe 20-25 at one time, which can occationally jump to 30-35 when a new area is introduced, or similar events.

9. Completely free muds. No pay for perks etc...

Not one perk and no required payments. In fact, until they moved servers and started looking at hardware upgrades, it wasn't even possible to donate money to help out in any obvious way.

10 Lastly I like a unique combat system. I tend to almost always play casters so a good robust casting/spells system is a must.

Not sure how unique the combat system is. While a lot of changes have gone into the library, it is still at heart the old TMI-2 in many respects. There are some unique skills, some unique spells, etc. The only real problem is that, while Druid still have a fairly interesting potion system, the true complex guilds, like Woodland where designed back in Beta and never quite made it out of there. Woodland was unique in that you had to "find" your spells in the game world and your skills depended on what spells you opted to learn, not a specific set of them, and there was also an elemental balance issue, where casting a lot of spell type A reduced the amount of power for that spell, for everyone, so you had to cast some spells of type B or C to rebalance the system. Shaman may end up being a bit like that too. Some discussion has gone into how an Alchemy guild might work, with complaints that it seemed too Woodland like. But most of that and similar discussions have been among players not designers. Basically, if some of us ever get bored enough, learn LPC and apply, there are likely to be some very interesting things in the future. Until then, we sit and wait to see what the promised guilds will be like, while hoping the people working on them didn't get some RL mess they are dealing with, too bored to finish or went on an extended vacation. Seems like a few have done "all of the above"... But then, we never get told anything until it happens, since when we do, there is usually a pile of comments on channels about, "I wonder if its going to be like...", and, "They should really do this too..." lol

Basically, most of the truely unique guilds are under construction or reconstruction. The rest, have some unique factors, but have imho, a fair amount of similarity to what you find in other places. This isn't a major surprise. Complex guilds and systems are damned hard to balance with the game play or debug properly.
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4 Dimensions would fit most of your requirements, if you can live with their Time Travel theme. At least one of their four worlds is Medieval fantasy, and that seems to be the largest one too.

As for quests, I've never seen funnier or better designed quests in any other Mud. Each of their zones has at least one built-in quest, often a dozen, ranging from very easy to extremely challenging, depending on the level of the zone. And their Quest Academy, which is part of their custom Mud School, is awesome, teaching you most of the tricks you need to get along in this pretty unique mud.

They also have a feature called Trading, where you can advance in the game without having to kill a single Mob. And naturally they have player housing, but not only that, you can also buy personalised servants, pets, mounts and vehicles, (for Questpoints, not RL money, this is a 100% free mud). Read more about this on the website,

The spellcasting classes fight barehanded, using orbs or staffs to focus their energy. And their remort system is pretty unique, allowing you to customize your character, while growing in strength for each remort.

It's not a new mud, but it is a constantly developing one, with a very active staff, and new code and zones are added on a regular basis. Port 6000
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