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Custom Java MUD (with CircleMUD look/feel) Seeks Help

Hi Everyone,

For the last few months we've been working on creating a new MUD code base. The project is simply for fun and enjoyment and not for profit. Our tiny team is a bit lonely and so we thought we would look for some help

What is your MUD?
Our MUD has been built from scratch using Java. However, the look and feel is very similar to that of Circle MUD. So far only the code has been worked on and so there is currently no world and no theme. The over-arching design is to build a small but fun hack 'n slash multi-user game. If you are looking for an RP intensive MUD then you won't find it here. Sorry!

Why should I choose your MUD project?
There are many interesting MUD projects available and really the only thing we can offer that may sway your decision is our experience. Some of our team members are software professionals and they are used to managing/coding large projects. This means that (maybe) we have a slightly better chance of reaching a beta state than perhaps projects with less experienced admins. Progress also tends to move forward quite quickly as working in Java is somewhat faster than working in C.

What are you looking for?
Primarily we're looking for a web designer and/or graphical artist. Desired skills would be a passion for art/design and some experience with Photoshop (or other similar tool). We also have a lot of 'grunt work' to do such as writing helpfiles/creating social commands etc although those tasks are difficult and thankless jobs. I don't hold out much hope of finding anyone to volunteer

Where can we find you? 4000
You can generally find us idling on the MUD. If you decide that you would like to contribute then we can arrange other more efficient communication (MSN, Yahoo Skype etc).

Further information:
Our MUD project is still in the early stages of development, so expect it to be a little rough around the edges. Everyone has access to (almost) every command, please feel free to log on and have a play around. The MUD resets to a default state upon every code change so don't worry about breaking anything.

Many thanks for reading.
Draxen (a.k.a. Fade) 4000
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