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Alter Aeon February 2020 Update

Last month we celebrated Alter Aeon's 25th anniversary! We hope that everyone who was able to participate in the celebratory event had a good time and enjoyed the narrative.

Our Valentine's Day event will be getting underway soon. The story behind this event is that there is a migration of mysterious angelic beasts moving from one plane of light to another, and they pass through the world of Alter Aeon during their journey. Log into Alter Aeon on or around Valentine's Day to meet these creatures and see what they're all about.

Here are some highlights of last month's updates:
  • We released the Palace of the Dragon Emperor, Public Halls, a level 41 group 7 area on the continent of Suboria.
  • ICE type creatures are no longer immune to the damage from the necromancer spells tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claw. They take half magic damage instead. This gives low-level necromancers some firepower against ICE monsters.
  • Items from the starting zones should no longer show up for jobs.
  • Most thief and warrior melee skills now use same targeting routines. This reduces code redundancy and also makes sure targeting is more consistent between skills.
  • Feint no longer works against opponents who cannot see you and lasts a bit longer. Flourish no longer demoralizes opponents who cannot see you. The base damage of flourish was also raised
  • There have been lots of crafting tweaks, including changes in speed for inoxium and starmetal, the ability for certain shopkeepers to make minor improvements to weapons, and some minor changes to weapon assembling.
  • The ability to inlay metal into crafted objects has been folded into jewelrysmithing. The inlay metal skill is now the inlay rune skill. This allows druids skilled at jewelrysmithing to attempt to inlay metallic runes into metal items. Since this requires melting down metal at a forge, it has a gold cost in additional to a mana cost.
  • Using socials on intelligent humanoids and living animals will now cause reactions, mostly them being annoyed at you for doing insulting, intimate or disgusting things to them. This is experimental, however, there is nothing to fear; mobs will never attack due to socials. They will eventually socialize with you again, if you leave them alone for a while. They may also respond favorably to being greeted with a smile or handshake, provided they can see you and you didn't annoy them first.
  • Several new pieces of eq were made and added them throughout Sloe and Kordan. We also added a few camels and other animals on both Sloe and Kordan for jobs and hump day bonuses.
Here are some updates for planned for February:
  • New continuing questlines from Archais into Ralnoth are under construction, and we are improving Ralnoth itself along the way.
  • Continued work to improve social interactions with NPCs.
  • Adding minor boons for participating in events such as humpday and fishing derbies. Another such event is planned: the snipe hunt.
  • More improvements are planned for all the starting islands.
  • Guild-related jobs.
For more information please refer to our February Youtube update:
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