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Realms of Discordia is a MUD based on the ROM codebase. It comprises of a completely custom world of more than 6700 rooms, with several new areas in the works to be introduced in the following months.

The codebase itself is heavily customized, with very little actually remaining of the core ROM code. We have a custom combat system, where battle-spam has been cut far below what it used to be, experience is more modular and easier to understand, and the usage of skills and spells has a direct affect on how you use your weaponry.

Another custom feature of RoD is our automated Roleplay Award system. This system keeps up with and systematically awards experience to those who take part in RP on the game. In addition to this, the staff will award bonus experience as well as Roleplay Points for those role-playing consistently.

Roleplay Points are something earned in-game through your actions in-game. They may be traded in to the staff for custom items, restrings, skill increases, and nearly anything else you can think of.

Perhaps one of the newest and most fascinating additions to the game is the addition of the “Personality” system. This replaces the traditional alignment system used in most games. The alignment system allows you to write a brief history for your character and to place percentages into the base personality traits available. These traits can cause many different things to occur. For example, an aggressive person may be attacked more by the different creatures inhabiting the world, while an overly friendly person may get a discount at the shops when purchasing supplies. The list goes on and on and the many things that this impact are as diverse as we can make it.

As for your characters themselves, RoD boasts of thirty-nine creatable races, with another ten available for those who exhibit excellent roleplay and the ability to remain in-character consistently. To go along with your racial selection, we have ten custom written classes that you may choose from. While some of these classes you may be familiar with, i.e. Warrior, Sorcerer, Templar, we have those that you are almost assuredly not, i.e. Psion, Shadow Lord, and Monks.

Last but not least, and the most important feature we have to offer is our very friendly player-base and helpful staff. Many people say that a game is made or broken on the helpfulness of the staff and players, and we strive to do everything we can to make your visit as fun as it possibly can be.

If you think that you’d like to give us a try, you can connect via the following address.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you there.

Realms of Discordia
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