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Okay, I was hoping to get some feedback on an idea I’m thinking of suggesting for implementation.

I guess it would be called the gossip command. In a given city, people could type something like “gossip add”. They would be prompted to add in the names of the people this piece of gossip involves, then to put in the gossip itself.

Other players could then come to the city and, in a street, type “gossip listen (name)” to hear a random bit of gossip on that person.

This would not replace the history, but would be more readily available than histories, and seems more IC. You could add gossip about yourself and others could enter gossip about you. You would be able to kill gossip about yourself… but since each city would have its own queue of gossip, you might have to travel across the world to totally eradicate it.

I thought this would be more RP-oriented than histories, since there’s no way to know if such gossip is true, but it would provide for debate. For instance, for my character Aika, I could add

“Aika slew a dragon with her bare hands.”

Which would be entirely untrue, but people might be inclined to ask her about it, spawning roleplay of denial… or of her lying and saying she had done it, building her legend… until someone else finds out its wrong.

Three questions. First, is there a system like this in place somewhere so I can see how it works. Second, can anyone see any other ways to safeguard it from abuse? For instance, should the gossips be checked by an imm before being put into circulation? Third… is it worth even pursuing?

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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
We've got something like that, but it's imm-run.
It's a mob, called the Gossip. You say the name of a player to her, and she gives you some gossip about him. At present she responds to about 50 different names, but only with a set line. And you have to be a pretty wellknown player, to get on her gossip list.

It would be possible, using scripts, to give her a random number of lines to choose from for each name on her list.

It would also be possible to make her repeat any line a player says to her, which I suppose would be more along the line what you want. We've got another mob doing that, it then replies with a random line from its memory, and the memory builds up with new lines until the mud crashes or reboots.
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Old 01-11-2003, 11:07 AM   #3
Fuzzy Ewok
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Hrm...I don't think it's a bad idea, but it might need some alterations to work well in a roleplaying environment.

For starters, I would suggest being able to listen to gossip only in certain places, rather than any street.  Something like inns, taverns, and perhaps markets.  That's really more a personal preference than anything, though.  

I think the piece of gossip a person gets should be random, rather than selectable.  So typing "gossip listen" just pulls up a random bit of gossip from the queue, not a person specific piece.  In addition, perhaps there should be a chance of not hearing anything...something like "It seems no gossip is being discussed here currently."

I think the opportunity for abuse is large if players are allowed to input their own gossip without restrictions.  The idea about having Imm's review the submitted gossip is a good one, and the delay could represent the time it takes for the information to spread.  Imm's might also be encouraged to add bits of their own, as well as random stuff about some of the local NPC's, just for flavor.

I think the idea is worth pursuing if you feel it will add something fun and new to the MUD.  Personally, I like the idea and think, if done right, it could be a neat little addition to a MUD.
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Old 01-22-2003, 11:29 AM   #4
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In the mud I play, random npc's will gossip about anything and everything on their own, usually to the point that someone gets sick of their jabbering and kills them, heh.

Sample gossip:

I made a cloak for (name) and a (random monster) beat him/her up and destroyed it.

That (random race) went to the desert and all they ever found was his/her moneybag.

(name) was the best (craft profession) that (random place) ever had.

I wish (name) was around. I'm in the mood to kill someone.

In addition to this, when a player says something really cool and a creator happens to be listening, sometimes it's added to the gossip even if it's not actually gossip. (Case in point: I once said "A gassy dog is better than a gassy braman." Now npc's all over the world say that, heh.) Also every once in a while the creators will add a bit of history to the gossip. This happened once when a char got lost for several months in a deep dark place, and when he finally got out all the npc's started talking about it.

Of course players can't actually add stuff to the list or request it be added, it's totally on creator whim (when they have nothing better to do, which is rarely ) It'd be kinda neat if it was, but then all the npc's would be saying is "Fred sucks ass" or something of that nature.

My ideal npc gossip system would have stored variables for each area so that the npc's could express their opinions of a ruler, for instance.

(name) is a poor excuse for a (nobility title). I wish someone would kill (noble sex).

Did you know (noble name) has a large collection of socks?

And so on. ####, npc's could even be coded so you could ask them who their ruler was and they'd tell you, whether it was some npc or a pc.

Ok, I think I'll stop rambling now since I have nothing important to say.
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