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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
4D has been on line for over 6 years now, and has a stable playerbase, a reliable server and four expansive and unique worlds, each covering a different time period, and including over 170 all original zones, with tons of quests, puzzles and challenges.

Lately our Development Team has also performed a major overhaul and update of the code and world, making it fresh, original and filled with more new features than I can list here.

4D is, and will always be, totally free to play, although we have more features than many Pay-to-play Muds. Here are a few:

- We have a rather unique 8-classed 4-tiered Remort system, allowing you the choice of either spreading your skills out over several Classes or specializing in one Class to reach perfection in it. This means that your char will grow in strength and power each time you remort. With bonuses for each class you reach 4th tier of specialization in. And a Super class available when all 8 classes have been completed.
- The fighting system is both event- and skill-based , allowing you to develop the combat strategies that best fit your playing style and the target you are attacking. And you’ll need it, as many of the denizens of the game can learn the skills you have too.
- The Spellcasting classes are really powerful, and vastly different from Fighter and Rogue Classes. Spellcasters fight barehanded, using orbs or staves to focus their powers, and with hundreds of different spells and spell variants to choose from.
- Our mounts are very useful, and skills like ‘mounted combat’, ‘trample’ and ‘joust’ enhance your fighting abilities when riding. There are mounts all over the place, from horses and mules to more exotic ones, like dragons and dolphins. You can even ride one of our Player Races, the Centaurs – that is, if the player in question allows you to do so, of course.
- Many mobs are interactive, and will respond in different ways when spoken to, usually as part of some Quest.
- We also offer things like Storage Lockers and Houses, Personalized equipment, and even personal mounts, pets, ships or spaceships, all bought by using quest tokens.
- Rare loading artifact items are hidden through the game, each with very special benefits.

4Dimensions has a strong Hack’n’Slash background that has developed with new layers of quests, skills, trainable equipment slots, professions, and worldly depth.

Roleplaying is encouraged, and there are also many ways you can advance your character without fighting. You can gain money and experience from questing, but also from different trades, like Farming, Gardening, Mushroom-farming, Mining, Lumberjacking, Acrobatics, Necromancy, Dragon Training and Fishing – even by Gambling. There are professions available to learn; each with their own set of skills that can be acquired through questing. Around 40 professions are planned and being developed, with a new one being released weekly. There are also many things across the lands that you can take up. Not only can you train dragons in Medieval, you can become a space pilot and go trading all over the Galaxy. Or make a career as a pirate in ancient Greece, or try your hand at gold-digging or ranching in the Old West.

The full potential of 4Dimensions will only unfold as you explore. But already in Mud School you’ll get some examples of what to expect, and what to look for in the zones. Our game is unusually Newbie friendly due to mainly 4 things:

- A customized and fun training school with a Quest Academy on top, which teaches useful tricks of the trade along with things unique for our Mud.
- A special Guild for newcomers, with helpful utilities that give advantages for the head start that new players often need.
- A group of old players called Helpers, who have dedicated themselves to helping newcomers get started.
- A ‘protection net’ for low level players; You won’t get killed before level 10, and there are 6 zones exclusively reserved for new players.

So why not give us a try now?
The game is under constant active development by our wonderful team; new features and quests are being added almost daily. Any problems that come up are also quickly taken care of.

We offer you a fun and carefree atmosphere, a professional staff, friendly players and a very ‘different’ Mud experience.
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