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Nanoseer - Starmourn's third class (with concept art)

I'm pleased to announce Starmourn's third class - Nanoseer!

The nanoseer has three skills (each of which have 20-30 abilities in it):
  • Nanites - The nanoseer 'filters' void kith through psuedo-organic circuit-like iriil tattoos on her arm. Iriil is a strange, kith-associated substance only found oribiting the largest black holes, at very high velocities. It doesn't fit into any of the known categories of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma), but sometimes appears to exhibit charateristics of all four of these simultaneously. Unlike astrium, which appears to be a by-product of iriil decay, iriil seems to have a direct relationship to void kith, or perhaps could be said to 'contain' some of it. In any case, the iriil tattoos take the raw void kith and, trading power for precision, filter it into a form that, when broadcast through a nanoseer's swarmglove, allows the wielder to finely control swarms of millions of nanites.
  • Voidism - Using the power of void kith, they're able to do things like levitate, hurl props around by creating localized voids in the direction they wish to hurl the item, throw void bombs, and more.
  • Oblivion - This mystic skill sees the nanoseer connecting to and using energy from the long-dead Empyreals - the eldest beings known in our universe. Their energy, filtered through black holes, is what we know as void kith, but even after the filtration process all energy isn't the same. The different Empyreals had differences in 'flavor' and by tuning into these various 'frequencies', one gains various abilities, like gaining immunity to different kinds of damage, reversing your local timeline for a few seconds, destroying an item, and more. The five Empyreals able to be tuned to are the Architect (also called the Omega), the Conqueror, the Traveler, the Progenitor, and the Sunderer.

You can read about our other classes here: and pics of them are below.

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