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Engineer - Starmourn's 4th class (with concept art)

We just announced the 4th class in Starmourn!

Engineers in Starmourn are primarily known for the wide range of items they employ, from stationary turrets to mobile drones, from magnotrons to hoverboards. Their three skills are:

Gadgets - This is all about just what it says: various kinds of gadgets. Here you'll find abilities around hoverboard use, magnotrons, shrink-rays, tazers, wormhole generators, and much more!

Turrets - With this, engineers establish networks of turrets (that other engineers can splice into) that must be powered with a QPC - quantum power cell. These turrets can be of multiple types, from laser to flamethrower to strobe and more, and the engineer can even transfer control of a specific turret network to someone else, engineer or not. Everybody remembers the first time they got a face full of shrapnel from a shardflinger! (Because it hurts so much. Ouch.)

Bots - An engineer can deploy multiple bots ranging from scouting drones to tankbots to burrowbots and more. These bots don't just do damage - they can do things like push a table over on someone taking cover behind it, or to spy on a particular room. These bots can also be sent on multi-room patrol paths set up by the engineer that the bots will move through on repeat, allowing the engineer to project power beyond her location.

You can find a page with all our classes here:

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