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The Wheel of Time MUD ( released WoTMUD IV.5 this
week, the highlight of which is a complete revamp of the rent system
legitimising storage for a rainy day, and incorporating player and
clan rent allowances.

This is the first major code release by us in about four years; the
previous version (IV.3) was successful enough to have peaked at 230
simultaneous, unique players. The coders working on that version have
since left us - we're now appointing new coders, so expect great
things to happen. Some other things in the works:

o Stats revamp
o Skills revamp
o Classes revamp
o Game of Houses

The Wheel of Time MUD is best described as a quirky mixture of RP and PK.
The PK presence will probably frustrate hardcore mushy role players, and
the role play setting will probably annoy the hard core pkiller. But, if
you like a bit of both and like a busy MUD which follows Robert Jordan's
books, not to the letter but to the spirit, then WoTMUD maybe a MUD worth
trying for you.


o First opened 1993;
o Max: 230 players online Spring 2003;
o 1.6 million characters have been created in the MUD since day 1;
o MUD has permission to use Wheel of Time theme from author;
o Absolutely no absurd ***HUMMING*** or ***GLOWING*** weapons;
o Massive world with 32000 or so unique, non random rooms;
o Unrestricted PK, no level protection or safe area;
o Role play heavily encouraged but not mandatory;
o 100s of unique features developed over 12 years;
o Past MUD Connector Mud of the Month;

o WWW:
o Telnet:

The Wheel of Time MUD
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