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Re: Huge changes to Achaea's skills

Originally Posted by nyanko View Post
What I was suggesting in my previous post was a combat system for sale or for free for the various classes/professions such as to display a message if an enemy is starting an instant kill routine. Most players have created some sort of system through trial and error, but a combat system for sale or free would allow newbies a chance to know when to escape and receive more detail about what was happening during a fight.
There are systems like that available for mudlet actually. Google up 'mudlet achaea svo' and you'll find what you're looking for I think.

We've got a major new html5 client release coming up too, and will be working on developing free helper systems for it after that.

Overall, my favourite MUD so far is Imperian. The quality of the Iron Realm games outshines pretty much all other MUDs that I have seen. The IR games have a lot of polish to them, with great quests both small and large. The crafting system seems very advanced and the help files are among the best. In my opinion, Achaea and Imperian are definitely MUDs that any MUD aficionado should try out at least once.

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Re: Huge changes to Achaea's skills

Originally Posted by dark acacia View Post
I'm not at the point yet where I can answer your question. I see lots of curative items in shops, and I remember that it used to be that way when I first tried Achaea.

Something that has turned me off a bit from Achaea this time around is that it seems like my house and city are dead. My house has a lot of messages from the past year or two about people quitting, and there's only a few people on at best. The city is the same and there hasn't been much engagement with them. I'm kind of without direction now that I hit level 21.
Which city seems dead? A few cities have players that are clustered in certain timezones, so you may not match up well with it. If it happens to be Targossas, there was also recently some changes where citizens were basically told that they could switch around between houses without any penalty since they're all working toward the same goal, so if people feel they're not having as much fun in one of them, they'll often quit and try another now.
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