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Some scripts I need help with.

I have had these up at Zmud forum for a while now, and not getting many responses. So I am speading the eggs around, not all in one basket.,not really sure if this is the right place, to post, but if not I will remove it

There are two parts. the first part is related to triggers and my poor attempts of coding, and the second part is reading a prompt called Group.

First Bit ..Triggers and "If" and "OR"
The last #if in Example (1) does not work What am I missing !! beside long on this

{Whatever DOES AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE TO You.} .. want to be able to react with ka (an attack), but not heal or rescue myself, but heal/rescue other in my group or the tank
#var groupmem .. just names 3 more can be add
#var self ...You|Your
Ex (1)

#IF (%ismember( %2,@groupmem|@tank)) {#if (%2!=@self) {ka %1;ccw %2;rescue %2}} {#if (%2=@self) {ka %1}}

Ex (2) I think its' a mess, can you ckeck it out.
(%w) has some wounds and bruises.

#IF (%ismember( %1 ,@groupmem|@tank)) {ccw %1;rescue %1} {#if %1!=@tank|@groupmem {ka %1;vt %1};#IF (%ismember( %1 ,@groupmem|@tank)) {gt ~&GWounds and bruises~&n ~&W%1:~&n ~&MZARLIX WILL TRY HEAl~&n}}

If you could explain via example using my very simple way of coding bad as it is, that would be great. I have been trying & And , | Or not sure how the syntax gets grouped spaces and () "" the lot really .

The second bit. about Group

I would like help in getting the group code/syntax of group in a trigger so I can used it in prompts or anywhere else that this information given in group can be used. it would be most helpful.

Typing Group gives this below:

Hit Points Mana Movement Align Exp needed Level
[ 3126/4593 ][ 1307/1894 ][ 1073/1073 ] [ -929] [ 5802731] [163 Th] Name 1
[ 3395/4812 ][ 2043/2715 ][ 735/735 ] [ -989] [ 4979517] [159 Wa] Name 2
[ 1689/3028 ][ 3138/3803 ][ 785/880 ] [ -998] [ 10070298] [158 Mu] Name 3

Well i do hope that this is not too much of an imposition given my first post , but leap into the deep-end, see what happens. Any finished scripts get post back at ED and Zmud forums with due credit.. I will make you famous !!. thanks

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