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This post may get a little long.

I am in the process of building a new home city for my MUD. The ideas and concepts go along with the story line which meshes with the deities and other possible areas. The basic lay out of the city is loosely based on our 5 base classes. There is a section of the city for each. Each will have shops and equipment available for each of the classes as well as things that may be of interest for those classes. Each section also has certain elements that will be of interest to everyone. Like in Rogue Square there will be a 'bath house' and a tavern that will lead to the PK section of the city. In the tavern I plan on setting up a bar fight. This will be the most challenging part of the entire city I think.

Also in the city there will be 'gates'. These gates would require certain things be true, like it has to be a certain time of the day and you have to have this that and the other in your inventory. If these conditions are true you will be transfered to some other worldly type of area like Heaven or something like that. I think this will be great.

We are going to play the new city up as a cataclysmic earth quake that sinks the current city (which is currently on top of the destroyed Dark Haven). This also gives our builders the opportunity to reshape the world, explain the sudden rise of continents and kind of explain the change in classes.

Eventually I can see the government going corrupt and having factions teaming up against the government. This goes along with our eventual goal of having seperate governments all over. We definitely have alot of ideas.

Wow, reading over this post it doesn't come close to explaining the really cool things I have planned for it. My question is what do you guys think? And how would you script out the bar fight? And is there anything I can explain more?

Ethereal Gates
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I'd consider carefully the layout of the city if it's going to be class-based. Rogues and thieves are naturally going to be seclusive, so they wouldn't like just being on one spoke of a wheel in a radial design. Remember how real cities look like, not uniform at all, planned enough that getting lost isn't easy, but still organic. Put the thieve's section well away from guardhouses, for instance, and some things outside the city's wall (if it has one, and if the city is relatively old (50-80)), to show that growth is happening. You can't, after all, move these heavy stone walls to close in around new buildings, and this is one of the difficulties of walls. Clerics/paladins/whatever want to be located near their temple, if possible, and probrally near the center so that they can get at wounded adventurers more quickly. Wizards might be just as seclusive as rogues, but in a different way. A lot can be done with this.

I like the fact that you're planning events for this city. They make everything seem much more alive. How would you set up a bar fight? What would trigger it? Timers, a certain number of people, perhaps some of different alignment required? Sounds interesting.
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Old 09-05-2003, 01:19 AM   #3
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There will be no walls to the city. Supposedly what happened is the new city was once a sister city to our current one. But, with some horrific battles between ancient gods and a now little known 'extinct' race the new city was closed off. It's surrounded by the ocean on one side and high mountains on the other. So, it's completely enclosed by natural means.

The warrior types are closer to where the entrance will be, then the wizard types will have their library and the clerics will have their temple, the rangers will have their 'park' which kind of doubles as the court yard for the castle, and the rogues will be far down south closer to the ocean. There will be a secret entrance into the castle from the library of a magical sort, along the same lines as the gates that will be scattered around. Of course, there will be the general merchants area and some docks. Obviously it is quite a large area, so I am breaking it up into different sets of vnums, this is to prevent tracking. And I will be able to do some different things area wide for each of the sections without having to be static all the way through (reset messages, etc).

As far as that bar fight, I'm not completely sure yet. It's going to take place in a 4 room area. Probably what I'll do is have some sort of singer walking around in there and have some drunk walk in who doesn't like the song and some other guy gets angry and throws a punch which triggers more punches from other people and so on. It'll be done in the AFK code base, so I'm kind of relearning lol.

In the current city I will have a babbling prophet. That, in my opinion, is going to be one fun mob to make.

Once it really gets going or is completed (I know this is going to take a long time) I'll invite you over to check it out.

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Old 09-09-2003, 06:03 PM   #4
Neranz Laverani
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For suggestions on scripting, please list the codebase you are using.

Thing to consider if you find yourself looking for something to fill some rooms:
waste disposal
supplies (more than just stores, how do they get into the city?)
medical facilities
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Old 09-14-2003, 08:34 PM   #5
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***For suggestions on scripting, please list the codebase you are using.

I will be using AFK 1.56.

***how do they get into the city?

There will be a newly opened crack in the mountains that allows for a path through.

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Events that shake the game up are always a good thing and the gates to other planes seem pretty cool.

It's hard to imagine of how the city will pan out without knowing a little more about your MUD. If there is a lot of player conflict (either PVP or pure roleplaying), they may not appreciate being in the same city (or inevitably, a group will want to break out of the city and found their guild somewhere else). Who runs the cities, players or some sort of NPC king/queen/dictator?

You mention you envision factions and the government possibly fragmenting with a longterm goal of having multiple governments. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around multiple governments in the same city. Do you plan on spawning new cities for disgruntled guilds/players? If players can run cities, what happens if a group of wizards and priests take control and want to kick out the thieves (or vice versa)? Will the dispossessed be able to colonize a new city? If so, what happened to all the work you put in creating their section in a city.

Personally, I prefer MUDs that have multiple cities which generally seems to capitalize on player conflict, but that's not to say a one city game can't be dynamic.
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