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The Hyborian Lands MUD: Dark Shadows in Zamora

- Using the Hyboria theme, famous for Conan the Cimmerian

- Heavily modified SMAUG codebase (no, really!)

- Small pbase that is slowly growing. around 5-10 established
 players visit/play THL daily. 4 out of 5 newbies tend to
 actually play/explore longer than 5mins a session.

- 100% all original areas/zones created exclusively for THL
 (no, really!) and there are no clustered zones here, instead
 you get a realistic simulation of the wilderness, cities and
 ruins of Zamora.

- Despite others claims, our spell/combat/skill system IS
 modified, and is quite different from the original SMAUG

- We reward players who take the time to play and help
  us with suggestions and building a playerbase.

- 4-sided class-based PLAYERKILLING with a ranking system.
 PKILL is our main attraction, and we want PKILLERS!

- Our Vampires burn in the sun, our Were-men will gut you,
 Our Sorcerers aren't medicore casters.

- We encourage RP, but do NOT enforce it.

- THL went into development over 3 years ago. We went
 online in non-beta last Thanksgiving 04. We update
 and improve THL MUD almost daily.  We're committed
 to quality gameplay, and building a modest playerbase.
Assuredly, we aren't going down next month.

- If you want bloody sword and sorcery, without the
 cheese, without the future zones, without the space
 guns, without the clustered zones that make no sense
 whatsoever geographically, without the elves (I am
 personally elved out), come to the real thing and
 play a theme that existed long before Middle Earth
 was an idea. THL is not rated PG-17.

<a href="telnet://" target="_blank">The Hyborian Lands MUD: Dark Shadows in Zamora</a>
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Hades
Posts: 18
StygianKING is on a distinguished road
And since my link screwed up: 6666
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