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Name: Donathin Frye
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Hey everyone - my name's Don, as you could probably have guessed. I've been MUDing for 13 years, since I happened across oooldschool Gemstone on AOL. A couple years after I began, I took a liking to Player-Killing/PvP. Since that time I have ran "medium" sized MUDs, staffed over a dozen MUDs as a Builder/PvP Designer/Consultant, two sporting "large" playerbases(150+), and the rest being small-to-medium.

I have strong views on PvP - I enjoy complex systems that are well-balanced with many counters. I enjoy unique and challenging PvP systems, and strive to design those kinds. I have tried every very-large-sized MUD, testing them for PvP, and found most of their systems simply not challenging enough for my tastes (skill-wise, not equipment/stat preparation-wise). Aetolia was an except to this, I will admit. A few of my favorite PvP MUDs over the past decade have been; Everwar, Utopia: Type Final(amazing codebase for PvP), Northwinds(RIP), and Clandestine MUD, some of which I have staffed and/or aided in PvP design.

I've been banned from more SWRs and other small Smaug MUDs than I can remember(literally), for chasing off sections of their playerbase via "too-much-player-killing".

I'm finishing up my second major's thesis project at Penn State this year, which my advisor feels could likely be a publishable piece of writing on the subject of "Sociology Within Internet Communities".

I'm out-going, passionate, and hard-working. If these sound like qualities you could use, feel free to contact me if you need any help with something PvP related. Sorry to throw my semi "resume" of sorts at you, but it gives a pretty good look into my background.

I'm also currently working on a very advanced MUD project, brought to you from some of the good ol' boys from oldschool Clandestine MUD. I'll post information on that up in the proper forum, though.

Hope to get to know ya'll! Merry Christmas! : )
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